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Created : 16 August 2018

#379 - The Wedding of War(Office)

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; The Wedding of War(Office)

#379 - Friday 17th August, 2018

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; 10 PRINT "This is Confetti "; : GOTO 10

As I type this, it's WarOffice/Dean's wedding day.

I'd like to wish Dean and Jennie all the best on their brand new adventure together.
Of course, nowadays that usually just means having to piss about phoning 100 companies to change your married status, and faff about with joint bills and all of that jazz, but..
Yeay! A brand new adventure begins!!

I do hope it's a lovely day for them.

We may or may not see photos at a later date, so be sure to keep an eye on the thread!
Hopefully there'll be cake pictures!!

\o/ Congratulations \o/



; Marble Maze

TomToad creates a lovely ball-in-a-maze style puzzle game, in LoRes for an itch.io Jam
It's quite reminiscent of the sort of classic puzzle game from the Chips Challenge era, with you needing to solve specific block shifting puzzles and find your way through difficult paths, and that kind of thing.
Nicely done!!

; Keyboard Corruption

Charles hits the "Too many keys at once don't quite work right" issue.



Nintendo get all uppity about emulators and roms, and storm their way across the interwebs like some kind of Idigidragon.
Gotta Destroy 'em All!

; Particles

The latest GameHut Coding Secrets has me wondering if there's a better way for me to optimise my own game's drawing functions.
I imagine if I instantly-draw sprites, instead of faffing about with buffers, then that might help speed things up a little.
But then on the 3DS, it couldn't easily draw to the 2 "eyes", as that needs a buffer inbetween. Hmm..


; More Noodles

Jay starts on his fourth box of Noodles from ZenPop!
Oooh, the noodley delights!

; Firewire

What the hell was the point of Firewire, anyway?
I mean, I know it was "Faster than USB" at the time, but why not just make USB2.0 instead of pissing about with a new thing?

; Sonically Perfect

HoboBen wants to know if anyone has any good headphone suggestions.
What are your favourites?


; LetsPlays

Steve finds a fella who chats about a bunch of AGameAWeek's OUYA titles.

; JNKPlat 2018

Jayenkai's started work on a new JNKPlat, and is unsure whether he should make a dedicated topic for it, or just carry on using the AGameAWeek 2018 thread.
He should probably make a dedicated one... But most of his blogging's going over to AGameAWeek, instead.
This is why the site's so damn quiet, lately.
Post things, people.. Including you, Jay!

; Somewhat Related

"Game-A-Week"... Oooh, so close!!

View on YouTube


; The Dip

View on YouTube

; The Cravings


; The Oozing


; The Chase


; 73?

How on earth did he make it to 73!!?


; All the Stations

A wonderful documentary all about Geoff and Vicki's quest to visit all the stations open the UKs rail network.

View on YouTube

And if you enjoyed that, be sure to subscribe to their channel, and experience all the joys of trains!!
They recently did a trip on the longest train journey in the UK, on the longest day of the year.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Geoff also posts frequent train related stuff, on his own channel, where he visits the stations, like the least used stations across the network, and goes more in-depth about them.
Mmm.. trains!!

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube




And, of course


TVCover Corner

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But probably not


VGRemix Corner

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