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Created : 27 September 2018

#385 - I Can't See The News

Weekly Newsletter

; I Can't See The News

#385 - Friday 28th September, 2018

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Every Friday, Leaving things too late.


; Hello World

"I know", says my still Flu-riddled mind, "I can write the newsletter whilst waiting for the site-move to complete."

I sat watching the site function fine for a number of hours, before the main shift occurred about 1am.

From there, the site was mostly inaccessible for a good couple of hours. So much for the promised 5 or 10 minutes..
And during this time, what could I do??!

Not the bloody newsletter! Not whilst the site's down...
Ffs, Jay, think properly!!!

I swear, my mind is STILL not functioning right.
A week and a half I've been like this. Things are taking FAR too long for me to process, and everything's a big horrible mush.

Meanwhile, I'm also staring at a white Apple on my desktop monitor, as the MacMini's doing its Mojave update, and the Laptop's doing a big Sync due to all the site backing up I did earlier today.


Hopefully you're reading this on the nice new server.
Servertests will, of course, be running aplenty over the next few days.

Welcome to SoCoder Server 687!



There hasn't been any development going on this week.
Not a jot.

Jay's been full of flu, Rychan's getting over his latest Crohn's flare up, Rockford's working insane shifts at work, half of the site members are off getting all married and stuff..
Honestly, things haven't stopped, this week, except for the coding!

Maybe next week we'll all start to make more coding posts, but this week there's been absolutely nothing about game development, whatsoever.
Not a single morsel of code.


; 2 Idents

BBCTwo are finally ditching their 90s idents for the very last time, as they appear to have created a brand new shape for the number 2.

; Bad Robot

Not all robots are dangerous. .. on purpose.


; RIP Chas

Chas passed away, this week.
Dave is devastated.


; 8bit War

Jay's old 8bit War pic has resurfaced again.

; TellTale Closure

TellTale, creators of Sam and Max's rebirth, the BTTF adventures, Homestar Runner adventures, Walking Dead adventures and any other adventures you could name from the past decade, have ended things in a really shitty way with hundreds of gamedevs losing their jobs.
There's not even a deep, interesting, multi-path storyline. It just ends..


; All The Trains

In Japan, the underground stations have little melodies!!

View on YouTube

; All the Marbles

In Japan, even the marbles are musical.


; Tutorials

And how to avoid them.

View on YouTube

; Music is the Key

When you hear a special melody.

; Big Merger

When two companies merge, huge events unfold.

; The Fresh Prince of..



; Restoration Story

Restoring an old radio.
... for two hours?!!

View on YouTube

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 27 September 2018, 15:40
Yes, I did write this last night..
And yes, when the site fucked up this morning, I had to fix the site first and foremost, and then completely forgot to post this!