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Created : 11 October 2018

#387 - Holla News

Weekly Newsletter

; Holla News

#387 - Friday 12th October, 2018

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; Hello World

Spent most of the past few days wondering how best to set IP Banning for the various bots that are currently hammering the site.
I think I've more or less got it all sorted, but now I need to find a super-secure way to run the "IPSet" command, without leaving giant holes in the site.
IPSet, of course, requires "sudo" root permissions to run, because... why wouldn't it..
So to run it, I need sudo permissions, and that tends to require a password, and there's no fucking way that I'm leaving plaintext sudo passwords lying around on the server!

Instead, then, I need to learn all about bash scripts, and the permissions of those scripts, and how to make them secure enough to run without fucking everything up.

Oh joy!!

But otherwise, the new server seems nice and sturdy, and is even managing to cope admirably with all of the worst cases of hackybot hammering that's been going on.
At the very worst occurance so far, about 1,000 requests happened in the space of about 2 minutes, and the server still managed to serve all 1,000 pages without too much of an issue.
But it's certainly not ideal, and the sooner I can get the banning into place, the better.



; Google Plus Ends

Google tried REALLY hard to make Plus a thing, by essentially forcing it onto everyone, until they all got so sick of the fucking thing that they specifically avoided it.
Now, years after everyone's forgotten about it, they've realised there's a giant security hole which is letting spambots gain access to oodles of user's data.
Thankfully there's no users to harvest data from, so it's not too bad.
Now that everyone's going "Oh yeah, I remember that...", Google have decided that it's probably best to shut the whole thing down.
What's next for Google? Who knows.
But after the previous Wave, Buzz failures, you just know they're already working on the next big Social Media Disappointment.


; Update

zzoom prepares himself for a nice play session on Forza6, only to discover that the game's decided to do an update.
In this day and age we're all reluctantly getting used to having to wait a short time for games to update before they're playable, but the sheer size of Forza6's update is absolutely staggering.
zzoom compares it to the days of the Spectrum, but even the longest cassettes were only 60 minutes per side!!


; Mario Party

Jay buys Super Mario Party on the Switch, hoping that it's a bit less monotonous as the previous Mario Party games have been.
He somewhat enjoys the first game, but further plays become a chore, as the game essentially becomes a case of watching an hour long game play itself, with only occasional clicks of the single A button.
Every so often there's a minigame, but when you only get 10 of those over the course of about an hour, it really isn't all that great.
Jay's Mum considers Monopoly to be the most Monotonous of games, but there's definitely a new winner for that crown.


; The Ultimate KickStarter Android

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; AAArrrghhh!!


; Walking up Walls

How To..

; Bingo

A perfect landing

; Topless Dancing



; Plots Ignored

7 movies that ignored bits of their own plot.

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; Battery Powered PC

TechConnect hooks his Mum's PC up to a Lead Battery


; Getting Drone Shots

Using Google Earth to cheat your "epic" shots

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; McBarge

McDonalds build a Barge based restaurant.
Shame it wasn't a Submarine..

Music Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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