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Created : 07 February 2019

#402 - News Ran

Weekly Newsletter

; News Ran

#402 - Friday 08th February, 2019

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Every Friday, Listening to Podcasts


; Hello World


I'm currently making a new version of SpikeDislike, and it feels really odd to not be considering an iOS edition.
.. Which is making me consider doing an iOS edition.
But my framework isn't working with iOS.

So.. Do I spend the next month trying to get my Framework to work on iOS?
Or, do I instead rewrite the game in Monkey, so that I can quickly cobble together a version just for iOS?

I should probably sort out my Framework, if I'm honest, but the game's practically ready to go, and it seems daft to have to leave it sitting until I can sort out my own chaotic framework.

I really have no idea which way this will go.


; Javascript Converting

Letting a user select a file, then fiddling with it in Javascript and popping out a result.
Spinal asked about a cheap/free language that could work as universally as possible for a small file-based app, and Jay suggested Javascript.
With a nice little template available, Spinal was able to get his "program" up and running in next to no time.
.. Don't tell "10 years ago" me, but I'm starting to like Javascipt..!! (OMG!WTF!BBQ!!)

; Old Egg

Steve digs out an old egg.
It's not rotten, so that's good!


; Old Willy

Matthew Smith comes to Manchester

; Tag Team Spam

A couple of brand new forum members registered on the site, this week.
The first one appeared, made 3 reply posts to 3 topics, (because most forum scripts require 3 replies before you can post a new topic) and then immediately posted its own topic asking for suggestions of which GameDev Company it should go with.
Another new forum member signed up just a few minutes later, replied to all of the first user's posts, and then just happened to know a really great GameDev Company, so posted a handy link to it!!
What a amazeballs coincidence!!!
Obviously I deleted the spam post, but, for posperities sake, I left their other replies on the forum.
See if you can spot them!!


; Cheese

Steve posts an old photo.
Jay joins in.
But where is everyone elses photos!?!

; Bullies

Some kids can be so mean.
.. Just pin them up against the lockers and let them know not to fuck with you.


; Disappointed

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; Musical Interlude


; Bonus Cover


; New Pet Shop Boys

PSB are releasing 4 tracks, this week, over the space of four days.
Two are out, as of me typing this.
Give Stupidity a Chance
On Social Media


; Looking Back

Linus has a quick look back through a decade of his YouTube channel

View on YouTube

; Video full of Knobs

This video is full of Knobs. You have been warned.


; Testing Tests

How accurate ARE DNA tests?

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; 200!

Richard reaches episode 200 of RHLSTP, and Adam Buxton reappears!!

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

Their album "Ascension" is available on your favourite music streaming sites.



; The Hands!!!


; and then...


TVCover Corner

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; and then.....!


VGRemix Corner

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; And finally...

A cover by TeeLopes, who later went on to do the music for Sonic Mania

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Thursday, 07 February 2019, 05:41
Those two spammers, I noticed them a couple of days back and so I checked out their profiles. Funny how they both have the same date of birth.
Thursday, 07 February 2019, 05:43
Both joined at the same time too.