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Created : 21 March 2019

#407 - News Calculator

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#407 - Friday 22nd March, 2019

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; Hello World

I've been neglecting a lot of things, this month.
It seems somewhat ironic that I called this month "Marching Orders", and had a VERY SPECIFIC thing in mind to get done.

'cos.. That one thing.. I haven't even started.

Bah, humbug.
I've managed to code quite a few little bits and pieces, and Shoebox is coming along nicely, but..
That one thing.

Hopefully everyone else has had a more productive month.

Hugs all 'round
Stay safe, people.


; Marching Orders

Rychan works on a second NES game, adding in music and bonus fruit.

; Pathfinding

Spinal's trying to do some pathfinding, but not specifically finding the shortest route, and instead trying to find a path that takes exactly X steps between point A and B.
If you can think of a quick way to do that, hop on into the thread and post your thoughts.


; The Price of an Apple

Apple announce new models of the iPad Air and iPad Mini, and .. for a change, they're not completely and totally batshit insane, price wise.
£629* for the top-spec iPad Air 10" isn't "TOO" bad, considering this is Apple we're talking about.
Still, the insane £150 leap from a £479 64Gb to a £629 256Gb model is typically "fucking Apple" prices.
To put that into perspective, a 64Gb Sandisk Extreme MicroSD is currently £19.99, with a 256Gb being £79.99.
That's literally a third of the difference..
Fucking Apple.

* unless you want Mobile added, because apparently the Mobile ability adds another £120 on top.
Must be that little SIM Card tray that costs so much.


; Stadia

Google announce their new console. Basically an empty box that connects to your telly, streams footage from a server, and a joypad that connects directly to the server so you can play wonderful high definition games with practically no lag whatsoever*!
What could POSSIBLY go wrong!?!
* as long as you live right across the street from the server, and have a fibre optic cable connected directly between you and the server.



When you do a server move, but forget to download any of the new uploads that have been uploaded to the server since the last time you did a backup...
I must admit, I've done this once or twice, and have lost a bunch of AGameAWeek blog image uploads over the years. I might've also lost a couple of SoCoder user uploads, over the years, but .. Nobody seems to have noticed, so I'll pretend everything's fine!
Thankfully, all my Platdude Pixelart images are kept in two different places on my harddrive, so although I forgot to download all of those from the server, I still had them backed up in the alternative folder.

MySpace are in the news for the very same thing, only they apparently didn't backup for a little bit longer!


; Blimbybop

View on YouTube

; Pancake Day

... was ages ago.
Flippin' Fantastic

; BBQ Sauce

What would Brian Boitano make?

; Windows Waltz



; Cake!

Cake makes everybody happy!

View on YouTube

; Quake Lies

The hidden lies in Quake's sourcecode.
Some tech geeky code maths, here!


; Audio Formats

TechMoan investigates another forgotten audio format.
..but will he get his chips?

View on YouTube

; T'Mill

Martin heads inside an old Cotton Mill
With bonus Fred Dibnah footage!

80s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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