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Created : 18 April 2019

#411 - Happy Easter

Section=Weekly Newsletter]

; Happy Easter

#411 - Friday 19th April, 2019

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Every Friday is Good


; Hello World

My calendar tells me it's Easter Weekend.
The weekend when you stuff your big fat face full of oodles of chocolate.

I've recently taken a liking to Ritter Sport - Rum and Raisin. Seems that it's "not quite proper chocolate" consistency is suitably edible without causing Migraines, so that's good!
Betty Crocker's Chocolate Cake on the other hand..? Best avoided! Really bad migraine after that one!

What are your favourite chocolates?
I used to love the Cadbury Fuse bar in my teens, but that disappeared shortly thereafter.
Why do they always take away my favourite things..?



; The Many Clones of Mario

Modern techniques, learned over decades of trial and error, have enabled some amazing things on old 8bit computers.
In this thread, we take a look at various Super Mario Bros Clones that are being created for various systems.
Silky smooth scrolling, "proper" game physics, all running nice and smoothly on C64 and CPC.
It's some really amazing stuff being done by some incredibly talented coders.
Such a shame that all their hard work can be stomped out quicker than a Goomba.


; Hard to say Goodbye

Last month, Kyle Bennett of the wonderful tech-news site, HardOCP, took a job at Intel, and as such has had to stop posting to the site.
I imagined that other people would take the reigns, and the site would continue, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

HardOCP is over.

Where do I get my tech news, now?
Engadget? *shudder*


; Rhymes with Purple

Gyles Brandreth (teddy bears and jumpers) and Susie Dent (dictionary corner) have started a podcast together, talking about words and their origins.
In this week's episode, they discuss Bad Language. So if you've a filthy kind and ever wanted to hear either of them say Fuck, Shit, Bollocks, Wank and more.. repeatedly... then this is the podcast for you!!

; End of the Line

Geoff and Vicky reach the end of their adventures around Ireland.
Mum was welling up, watching the last couple of episodes, as they finally reached Northern Ireland, and made their way through some of the places that she grew up in.
Quite and adventure.

Geoff and Vicky have suggested that next weekend (27th,28th April 2019) is "Have an Adventure" weekend, where your task is to get on a train, and go somewhere you've never been before.
Will you be taking part?
Mum's already declared this year to be full of little Train based trips, as it's her 60th birthday year. (She got her Senior Railcard last month!!) So, we're definitely going to have to plan something for her, next weekend,
.. but where to go..?


; XHalf

Microsoft have announced the half-an-Xbox.. same size, same price, but no DVD/BluRay drive, so it's fairly lacking in features.
Hmmm.. Half an X.. So, a V? or a PowerOf sign? Or a Greater Than!!?
.. nope.. it's a Less Than..

; Old Content

Spinal tries to figure out how to get Day of the Week values, and eventually stumbles upon his 12 year old thread where he previously had to figure out how to get Day of the Week values.
It's great having an archive of actual answers, and the ability to necro-post without everyone grumbling, rather that people complaining that things have been asked before, then linking to old long-dead posts that you can't reply to, and locking the new topics so that people can't grumble about how completely bloody unhelpful they've been.
Or something..


; For a Mirror

View on YouTube

; Advert


; Thankyou for calling the Product Hotline


; Ghostbusters



; Jetson

Nvidia have made a tiny Single Board Computer, for $99

View on YouTube

; Milky Milky

Mmm.. Man Milk..


; Muppet History

Defunctland does a Muppet Video, including some pre-muppet videos!

View on YouTube

; NewRetro is Now Retro

Ben Heck looks back at his original AtariVCS Portable

; Painting, Deluxely

A history and retrospective on Electronic Arts' Electronic Art tool

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube




TVCover Corner

View on YouTube



And the original, for those baffled...

VGRemix Corner

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