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Created : 10 October 2019

#436 - Crazy News

Weekly Newsletter

; Crazy News

#436 - Thursday 10th October, 2019

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Every Thursday, Wondering if there's anything else I need to do


; Hello World

As I continue my insane "4 games a week" thing, I'm getting a little worried about repetition.
I mean, it's probably not too much of an issue, but I'm getting a little worried about repetition.

This week, I've made a lovely new "Pogo the Fridge" game for Petit Switch, and it's turned out so wonderfully well that I'm now tempted to make a version of the game for Browsercade.
Except, if I do that, then the "Latest Games" list at the top of AGameAWeek.com will list .. TWO Pogo the Fridge games.

I mean, they're both completely created as their own thing. (It's hard to share sprites/code between PC and Switch, so ... I haven't bothered, and just plough ahead and make everything from scratch each time..)
So, it's not as if I'm not ACTUALLY making two games.
.. Does that still count, then?

I'm not sure.

But, hey, at least it helps keep the numbers up.
Although I am getting a little worried about repetition.

.. Look at me, planning ahead, like some kind of normal person.
Although a normal person wouldn't be thinking about the next-next-next game they're releasing, having already mostly finished off the next game, and the next-next game, too..

Fuxake.. This is nuts...

And to think, I actually stopped drinking Coffee, about 4 or 5 months ago!!


; Word of the Week

.. in which Jay gets desperate for some content on the site, and tries to recreate the thrill of Wednesday Workshop, but makes it a little more freeform for those of us who don't have the time or energy to be making weekly games.

Every time anyone clicks on Foldapuz, the script will spit out a random word onto the server from its massive dictionary.
And every Monday Morning, SoCoder will pick up whatever random word is there, and create a thread with that word as the Word of the Week.

Your task, should you choose to join in, is to make use of that word in any way you'd like.
Music, Art, Story, Sprites, Sounds, Entire games.
Let your creative juices flow, and show us the result in the thread.

No need to overdo things. Keep it as simple or as overly complicated as you'd like.
There's no time limits. There's no voting. There's no winning and losing.
There's just a thread with a word in it, and whatever your imagination can come up with.


And extreme apologies that the very first one of these ended up as the word "Bottoms".. *sigh* That's automation for you!


; Amiga Remix

Pakz has been making some Amiga remixes, lately, making use of FLStudio Mobile.
Four short tracks, for your listening pleasure.

; Sine of the Times

Spinal tries to draw a Sine-Wave, and ends up baffling himself with maths.
Jay chips in a couple of maths pointers, thinking he's using the maths for thumbstick values or something, but Spinal somehow manages to create a lovely landscape generator from the maths.
Just goes to show, Sine-Waves can be useful in SO many situations.
Maths is fun!!!


; PS5 Information

Sony announced the super-secret name of their next Playstation, along with a vague release schedule, and a couple of tidbits.
Basically, they've unveiled approximately 67% more information than Atari have about their VCS.
Realtime Rendering on a console? Crikey! Sounds almost as impressive as an Emotion Engine!

; Picard Trailer

Get yourself overly excited by watching the latest trailer for Star Trek : Picard!
The series begins in the UK on the 24th of January, on Amazon Prime.

; Five Star Swearing

The child who phoned into Going Live has apologised to Five Star, after 3 decades of silence.
.. Or has he!?!


; What's the Cowboy?

TheRevillsGames has his memory jogged by Zzoom's Western game, but not quite enough.
A thread about getting old, and forgetting things.

; Dandelions

Paul's last game in 10 weeks.
It's been fun to follow Paul over the past 10 weeks, and it'll be a shame to see another AGameAWeek'er end their challenge.
But it's also important to know when to stop doing this stuff, lest you wind up making 4 games a week, and not knowing when to stop.

View on YouTube


; Danger!!

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude


; Aye Caramba


; Musical Interlude

Washing Machine on Drums

; Crazy Train

All aboard!!

; Get Your Hair Cut


; Naptime



; Spam

William gets some spam, so does what any sane person would do, and calls out an explosives expert.

View on YouTube

; Second Person Gaming

Has Driver already done it?

; Giant Machine

Rube would be proud.


; Futurama

If Futurama were Live Action, it might look a little like this.

View on YouTube

; Camera Fakery

How Pixar fake their cameras

; Ski Time

Jake visits a ski resort.

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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