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Created : 31 October 2019

#439 - Spookly Newsletter

Spookly Newsletter

; Spookly Newsletter

#439 - Thursday 31st October, 2019

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Every Thursday, Boogidy boogidy boo


; Hello Ween

Warning, this week's newsletter may contain jump scares.
Are jump scares even doable in an ascii based text file?
Only one way to find out.

Read carefully, and be at the ready 'cos I might type the Boo at any moment in the newsletter, and you'd better be prepared because otherwise you might fall off your chair and hit your head, and then there'll be trouble.

Shockingly, I'm typing this on Wednesday night, so it isn't even Halloween-morn, never mind Halloween itself.
A bag of chewy treats have been purchased, and are ready to be dished out as payment to not get shot in the head, acid to the face, or whatever other "tricks" the kids are up to, these days.

No doubt, Molly (our cat) will be playing around with lollypops, once again. We're not sure why she enjoys playing with lollypops so much. It's more or less the only thing she DOES play with.

Have a spookly Halloween, everyone.


; A Craft that Mines

Pakz has started a space faring 2D shooter thing, where you need to blast away at the rocks to mine the different elements.
Looks like it might be a fun project!

; A Craft that Bounces

In Astrobounce, Tricky wants you to fly the bubble/ship around a screen full of enemies.
Bounce up and down, and shift left and right with the mouse, to avoid all of the avoidingnesses.

; An Editor that Edits

Tricky has also posted a map editor (Kthura) which promises to edit maps!
Working in a positional style, instead of being tile-based, it means you can have a much more freeform style of map.
Plenty of possibilities with this one.


; Jimper

Last week's Word of the Week was a bit of a wet blancmange, but Jay still somehow managed to shoehorn the word into the title of a game.
Goodness knows what he was aiming for with that name. The guy's gone off the deep end, I swear.

; Westwards

This week's Word of the Week is much more co-operative. Westwards, a direction for all to goto, should they find themselves wishing to go in that approximate direction.
Like that guy who crossed Wales, a while back.
He went Westward!
So far, the thread's been a hive of activity, and that's before Jay posts another crazy game.
See if you can beat him to it!!


In order to get his Mining Craft game off the ground, Pakz needed a couple of handy functions.

; Speed Limit

A function to limit velocities, in any direction.
Trigonometry FTW!

; You Turn

A function to help decide which direction is the shortest, between two angles.
Handy for turning ships and things, when the player tries to aim in a particular direction.



; LumaFusion

Jay finds a decent video editor, and rather than being for Windows or Mac, it's actually for the iPad.
Fairly powerful, and silky smooth, he's already posted three game trailers using the thing, and is really quite pleased with how well it performs.

; What Went Wrong?

Sony's Vita was indeed a powerful bit of kit, but in the world of Handhelds, only the craziest would dare bet against Nintendo.
The system failed miserably, for reasons that aren't entirely clear.
If you think you know why, let us know!

; First of October

On the first of October, just like last year, Rob Scallon and Andrew Huang got together in a studio, and composed and recorded an entire album from scratch.
Rob's video shows the production process, whilst Andrew's contains the entire album in video form!
The album is also available from your regular music streaming apps/sites.


; Spookly Cake

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; Spookly Wall


; Spookly Technology


; Spookly Bottles


; Spookly Pringles



; Spookly Runner

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; Spookly Shutdown



; Spookly Cookies

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; Spookly RHLSTP


60s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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And Finally

The spookliest music of all time..

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Thursday, 31 October 2019, 07:06
And above all, how big are Elvira's Beewwwbs!

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