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Created : 21 November 2019

#442 - News On Me

Weekly Newsletter

; News On Me

#442 - Thursday 21st November, 2019

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Every Thursday, Listening to the Sonic R Soundtrack on a ludicrously high volume, to drown out the noise of the next door neighbours having sex..
.. AGAIN..


; Hello World

I almost gave up on AGameAWeek, this week.
With all the "New drugs, new issues" stuff over the past few weeks, my mind's barely been in the mood for coding, and I've found myself really struggling to get anything productive done.
Then, just as one half of my head was going "OK, I'll take my annual break..", the other half went "Oooh, we're taking a break? Cool, here's a great big bunch of game ideas I've been holding back!"

Sometimes I ask myself... What am I doing here?
I was aiming to get "Super Secret Side Project" up and running, as well as try to figure out what to do about Advent, but.
Guess not.

So, I continue to work on AGameAWeek, and trying to fit everything else in, in between.
Hopefully I can at least manage to make a start on some sort of Advent Collection in the next few days. But, at this point, it's not looking all that do-able.
I'll probably just coast it, and stick with the Advent of Creativity, instead.

Speaking of which..


; Advent of Creativity 2

An interest-level thread has been started for this year's Advent of Creativity.
Would you be interested in joining in?
Music, Art, Sound, GameDev.. Anything creative goes.
You don't HAVE to post something every day, but if you can come up with something small and fun that you could post each day, that might be nice.
Maybe time to start that little daily comic you've never got around to..?


; Disable

Last week's Word of the Week was Disable, and only Tricky joined in with that one, posting a short poem.

; Malmiest

For this week's word, Rychan posted a mock gameboy image, and then inspired himself to start making a full version of the game.


; Python on iOS

Pakz finds a version of Python that runs on iOS.
Looks nice, but I'm still not sure about trying to code on an iPad's touchscreen keyboard.
I mean, I can happily type quite fast on the keyboard, but as soon as I need to add any kind of "not a fullstop or comma" punctuation, it gets so much harder. It's getting harder, day by day.
If you're not giving up without a fight, and can work it out, you can make it real by downloading Pythonista from the AppStore.
Let us know how you get on.

; 16inch MacBook

I'm not sure what it is that's making Apple feel so high and mighty, but they've released their latest insanity-box with yet another crazy pricetag.
You'd think with having "Pro" in the name, giving the laptop a little more space, and the absolutely mental price tag, that they could at least bother to add a FULL keyboard.
I know the bad times are disappearing, but now I know that Apple will never bother to add a numpad to their laptops.
If you like the idea of the two and a half thousand pound diamond in the sky, then hop on over and place your order.

; OUYA did it Better

Google's Stadia "Console-but-not" has come and gone in a flash.
What a terrible idea.


; Poking Them All

Jay buys Pokemon Sword for Switch, and gets quite frustrated by the
It's a shame that, for most of the game, the camera's actually locked to a classic Pokemon-style view.
You can see the city in lights in the distance. The stars are shining bright.
But just can't control the camera well enough to see everything properly.

; War of the Worlds

The BBC's recreation of a period-drama based on War of the Worlds has begun.
The first episode aired this week, and it's had some quite varied reviews.
Some people love that it sticks close to the source material.
Other people hate that it doesn't stick very close to the source material.
Hopefully it stays on track, and doesn't look back.
I can't wait until the war kicks off, big style.
The flash-forward seems to suggest there'll be quite a lot of devastation in the show's future.
Come on.. Let the fires burn!


; Is That You, Joe?

Take us back in time, to another world, where Joe wanders through a maze with or without his hat.
Spinal finds a developer tweeting about a lovely little circular platform character, hopping around a mostly monochromatic maze.
Is it me, or have we been here before.
If you want to go somewhere that he can explore, head on over to the link in the thread.


; Hungry?

Greg does explains the most feelingly of edibles.

View on YouTube

; Baby Yoda

No shark he is

; Click Click

The hidden function in your lamp.

; A Huge Shaft

Tom discovers the truth behind an epic shaft.

; Meow


; The Photocopier

Ever wondered what would happen if you try to photocopy a smartphone display, with the camera switched on?


; Exterminate!

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; Exterminate the Jedi



; All About COPPA

From the only man to trust on legal matters... the man with all the Lego.

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; All About PC Building

Linus helps build another PC.

; Underground

Martin delves deep.

80s Music Corner

Part One

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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