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Created : 16 January 2020

#450 - Call News

Weekly Newsletter

; Call News

#450 - Thursday 16th January, 2020

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Every Thursday, *hugs*


; Hello World

Quite a week.
.. Quite a week.


; Caching

Jay gets awfully frustrated trying to rewrite the Caching part of his Shoebox/Browsercade sites.
Things seemed to be going ok until he tried updating the files, and then everything went horribly awry.
Thankfully he's now seemingly fixed any issues. .. Until the next issue appears.


; Folders

This week's Word of the Week is "Folders", and .. boy, what a fun word that could be!
I keep meaning to open up a random, old, abandoned dev-folder and write some kind of big blog post about the amount of garbage in there!
Haven't got around to that, yet, but look forward to it in the next day or so. ... If I do..

Why not attempt the same thing yourself?
Tell us about "That Folder" on your drive!
... No, not that one!!!


; Mod Tracking in your Browser

Pakz finds another great looking Mod-in-a-Browser tool, and it looks just as great and functional as the one from a week or so ago.
All great little tools, but really not good to use without a mouse and keyboard on the go.
Great for desktop/laptop. Not so much for Touchscreens.


; Nom vs Vom

Rockford continues his worldwide journey of snacks, and even gets an influx of bonus goodies for his birthday!
Exciting foodstuffs, new flavours, and memories of old favourites.


; Steve's Uncle's Funeral

Steve had "one of those days" at his Uncle's Funeral, but thankfully things didn't turn out to be as bad as he was expected.

; AGameAWeek 2020

Jay decides to make a single thread and try his best to update it every Saturday, for as long as he can remember to do that.
I'll give him until mid February, before he starts to forget about updating it again..


; Everybody needs a Larry

Gotta catch 'em all!

View on YouTube

; Bricks Falling Down

JANGBrick's world continues to fall apart.

; This is an Art Attack


; Hungry?

Time for breakfast!


; Power

Martin looks around an old closed down power station.

View on YouTube

; More Power!

The 8bit Guy charges his car.

; Cooking with Suji

I have NO idea what this is!!

; Cooking with Rice

I know what this is



A VR headset using good old fashioned CRTs

View on YouTube

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



And, of course..

TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 16 January 2020, 16:48
Neil Buchanan givin' it the beanz, fuckin' love that guy!