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Created : 23 January 2020

#451 - Breakfast in News

Weekly Newsletter

; Breakfast in News

#451 - Thursday 23rd January, 2020

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Every Thursday, Hyped for Trek


; Hello World

This week, I have to rewrite my gamepad functionality in the Shoebox.
It used to work.. Kinda..
Now it doesn't.

Whilst I'm at it, I figured I'd spend some time looking into ways of getting some local multiplayer stuff working, too.
I've not made any games that can do that yet, but it'd be a nice thing to be able to play about with in the future.

The hardest part will be trying to get things to work magically, without pissing about with 100 menus full of controller config stuff.
I'm thinking it might be fun to have a little tiny mini-config thing pop up in the main menu, somehow?
Not 100% sure how that would work for all different gamepad types, but for the basic controllers, at least, it suffice.

One thing that's REALLY annoying, though, is that Edge Chromium seems to be supporting controllers better than Google Chrome. The Inverted Y-Axis is barely an issue, and all the buttons seem to work wonderfully without faffing about.
I think Microsoft might've tweaked Edge to "Play Nice", whilst Chrome is doing more Raw input data.
.. But how am I supposed to tell which is which?
I'm going to have to read up on controller code, yet again.



; Pixel Landscaping

Pakz has had a go at creating some landscape tiles, fit for a Civ-Clone.
Green grass, blue waters, and everything inbetween, all in lovely little tiny tiles, ready for dotting around a map.
Let's hope he can make a game of it, because those sprites are gorgeous!

; Camping

WarOffice stops by to tell us of his recent gamedev concept.
Camping, and all of the wonderful things that comes with it.

; Language Selection

Pakz has also had to decide which language to try next.
He's been trying to do his best with Monkey-X/2, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the number of OS's that are making EVIL anti-Homebrew changes to the way they work.
Monkey's not keeping up, and is falling far behind.
But what to switch to?

I'm quite content with Javascript.
There are some HUGE limitations..
I can't do realtime recolouring well without switching on WebGL, and I'd rather not do that as it drains mobile device batteries like crazy.
Savegames can't ever be trusted, as a system format/device upgrade will no doubt lose all the player's scores. Heck, even a simple browser update can bugger it up!
I also can't "really" do online scoreboards and the like, since it's SO damn easy to cheat a browser-based game.

But other than that, it's great!!


; Elopes

This week's Word of the Week is "Elopes"
Do you have any tales of family members eloping?
Any crazy wedding game ideas come to mind?
One time my Sister and her fella were off doing a tour around the country, and suddenly posted a bunch of photos to Facebook of the pair at Gretna Green.. That freaked us all out!!!

Hey, I thought I was killing this feature off?


This week's Celebrity Deaths.

; RIP Christopher Tolkien

JRR's son.

; RIP Terry Jones

The director Python.


; Don't Go Out

Rockford's local Health Center is at the center of a terror-like attack.

True story, I was stabbed at my local health center just last week.
The nurse craves the insane levels of sugar in my blood.

; 20th Century Studios

Disney takes the opportunity to rebrand 20th Century Fox, to get rid of the evil Murdoch association.
Why 20th, though?


; Nom/Vom

Rockford continues to munch on a variety of worldwide snacks and sweets.
No spoilers, but I'm really peckish!

; Degusta

Meanwhile, after a bit of a CBA session over the holidays, Jay returns to his Degusta box.


; Picard Day

Star Trek Picard launches today in the US, and tomorrow in the UK on Amazon Prime. (And I think most of the world, via Amazon Prime, but I may be wrong)
Youtubers have catalogued their favourite episodes of Picard Past.

; Miserable British Bastards

Sesame Street, and why it's not really all that big, over here.


; Musical Interlude

...with a Chicken

View on YouTube

; Captain Ching Rises


; Where To Stay



; 10 Year Old Hits

It's a top ten of ten top hits that topped the top of the hits ten years ago.

View on YouTube

; Disney!


; Making Choons

Roomie records a BAD vocal take, then asks other youtubers to fix it up.


; Burn The Table

Simone makes a coffee table out of matches!

View on YouTube

; Don't Burn This

May be hazardous to your health

; Puppets


70s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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