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Created : 05 February 2020

#453 - The Message

Weekly Newsletter

; The Message

#453 - Thursday 06th February, 2020

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Every Thursday, Me Me Me!


Accused of making the site "all about me", I decided to scan through the past few months worth of posts. I've posted a shocking 32% of all the posts since November. (319/973 posts)

Daily posts about what advent calendars I bought.
All those posts during my own personal Me, Me, Me, Advent of Creativity.
Occasional posts about what snacks I'm getting in the degusta box.
Weekly roundup posts (specifically done in a roundup format so I don't clutter the site) about all the millions and billions of games I've been making.

Gawd, I never shut the hell up, yammering on about myself.

Oh well.
Might as well write yet another weekly roundup of all the me, me, me stuff that I post to my me-forum all the me-ing time, huh?


; iOS : A Controller Oddity

When you "Add to HomeScreen" a webpage on an iOS device, it seems to lose the ability to access any Gamepads.
Jay investigates, but still hasn't figured it out.
Any thoughts?

; Poll Chat

Jay recently added a thread for Poll Chat, and linked it within the title of the poll. Hopefully this can contain the frequent chats about polls, instead of ending up with hundreds of such threads on the site.
It seems to be working well, but he could definitely do with automating it a little more, instead of having to manually copy+paste the contents of the current poll each time!
Next on the todo-list is attempting to do that "YouTube Media Centre" thing that he keeps meaning to get around to, but never does.

Fact : Not a single one of the showcases on the homepage is by me.
In fact, I rewrote a huge chunk of the site SPECIFICALLY to stop that from happening.


Nobody could think of anything for last week's Word of the Week, "Rancors". Not even the usually artsy Rychan could come up with anything.
But that's ok. The word of the day continues without ever being disturbed by any lack of interest.

This week's word, then, is Boletus, which is apparently a type of fungi.
What can YOU do with that word?
Would be nice to see Steve finish off his Centipede clone, for this one..

Fact : Word of the Week is automatically generated, so not even I have any control over it. (Except a few weeks ago when it picked the word Holocaust, and I damn well changed that ASAP!!)


; Hold the Music

The DWP have had the same hold music for about 70 years or so.
Hobo decides enough is enough, and begins an epic seven year quest to get them to change it.

Fact : Not a single one of the themes on the site contains Platdude, Spike, Greenie, or any other of my many familiar AGameAWeek characters. It's not about me.


; Nom Vom

The foodstuffs continue. Not even Brexit can stop Rockford as he tries some more foreign snacks, to fight the evils of the tummy grumbles.

; Degusting

Meanwhile, Jay eats some really odd looking "healthy" things, and really wishes he was eating Rockford's snacks instead.

Fact : Any time I reference myself in the newsletter, I usually do so by name/third-person, just like I would anyone else. Because I'm just another member of the forum, and this newsletter is about what happens on the forum. Not about me.
The "editorial" bit at the top is for my self-obsessed waffling.


; Hold The Train

From 2012 : Janey Godley live tweets a couple's argument on a train.


; The Steaks are High

View on YouTube

; Curious...


; Musical Interlude



; Mystery Image

View on YouTube

; Inbetweener

Whilst moving between sets, the Unbox Therapy guys give a little behind the scenes look of things, as they attempt to haphazardly present an unboxing without a proper set!

; Farewell Aunt Viv

Where'd she go, and why?


; Drawing With Robots

Fun with AI!

View on YouTube

; An Epic Quest


; Server Woes

Linus hits a bottleneck

; Actifrying

We (me, me, me) have had an actifryer for years, but never done anything like these recipes..


; Can of Beans

Adam builds a can of beans...

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



MovieCover Corner

View on YouTube



VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube


Jay's Final Thoughts

If you want the site to be "not me", and there's not a thread about the things that you personally do like, then .. post about that stuff.
It's a forum.
It isn't "my website" that you can only post comments to. That's AGameAWeek.com, where I end up posting about 4 or 5 things every day. And thank fuck that doesn't all get cross posted to SoCoder, because THEN it would definitely be me, me, me..

There aren't many rules on the forum.
The only real rules are...
1. No politics/religion, and these rules are damn near standard for any/all coding forums.

2. No flame wars. Again, a forum standard. No picking fights.

3. And my own "me, me, me" rule.. Don't just repost all the depressing shit that you found on Facebook. It's really bleedin' obvious when you do that, and for a good couple of months those threads seemed to take over the entire site, forcing me to step in and stop the downhill spiral we were in. It was absolute hell clicking into the site each and every day just to see more and more depressing content. SoCoder isn't Facebook.

At the end of the day, the content on the site is up to YOU.
Post stuff, and let it grow!!

And don't ever be afraid to post.

If it gets deleted, it probably gets deleted for good reason. And I will usually send you a PM to tell you why it was deleted, too.
(And, fwiw, it doesn't get deleted, just moved to the Admin area)

Fact : I really desperately needed something to cheer me up, this week, and take my mind off the absolute horror show that's been going on in my homelife, this week.
I've waffled quite a bit in this newsletter, but at no point have I been angry.
Mostly just laughing my arse off and having a good time taking the piss.

.. And releasing more games. Like, LOADS of games. Tons of them. All the time.
Seriously! You wouldn't believe how many games I've already made, this year, and we're only up to February!

Me, Me, Me!!

Keep Calm.. and Carry on Coding

Load, Next List!



Wednesday, 05 February 2020, 22:38
Jay, if you want to vent your spleen about yourself then go right ahead mate. After all, we're all geeks here, it's good to know how a fellow geek is doing.