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Created : 19 March 2020

#459 - News of a Clown

Weekly Newsletter

; News of a Clown

#459 - Thursday 19th March, 2020

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Every Thursday, Preparing for an Island Getaway


; Hello Nook

My bags are packed, and I'm raring to go.
God knows, if this game doesn't launch at midnight, I'm going to go absolutely batshit insane.

Animal Crossing : New Horizons launches on Switch tomorrow/tonight/somewhere near that.
A perfect time to be jetting off to a land that's far, far, far, far away.
Enjoy your holidays, everyone, and let's all have a great time.

The thread is ready and waiting for friend-codes and what-not.


(Going to have to make one of those "Don't you dare sign up to this forum, just to spam us with your FriendCode." posts again, aren't I..)


; Flappy Chips

Rychan continues on his quest to build his own cartridges.
A slight issue with NES Security, but nothing a little electronic tech won't solve.
.. Uhoh..

; Floppy Shrooms

Meanwhile, Shroom_Monk continues to let his fungal books grow, and has revealed that he's already been eating some of the produce.


; Word of the Week

This week's word of the week is Perorate, which is about speaking. More specifically, about finishing a speech.
I'm rubbish at speaking. I think I've probably got up to speak, maybe 3 or 4 times in my life.
I HATE doing that sort of thing.
Have any stories about speeches?
Maybe you could write a short story, or draw something, or maybe even make a "Panic-Meter" based game?
Be Creative, then pop the results in the thread.


; Covid-19

A thread about the oncoming storm.
As Coronavirus continues to grow to insane heights, this topic has been mostly self-contained, and so far the virus hasn't infected the rest of the site.
Give status updates, happy thoughts and anything else you might like to get off your chest, in the CoronaThread.


; Happy Birthday!

TKS and TheRevillsGames both had birthdays, this week.
Send them both happy thoughts, ASCII hugs, and well-wishes in the following threads.



; TheRevillsGames



; RetroGamer Turns Evil

The best magazine in years, reduced to copyright theft.
For shame.

; Korg and Moog Apps

Korg and Moog are giving away a few apps, to help cheer people up.
Nothing I'd be any good with, but you might like to have a play around with them, and see what you can produce.

; None-Tubeage

The National Film Board of Canada have lots of short/feature length videos available to watch, for free, eh?
Movies, documentaries, animations and more.
If you find anything good, let us know.



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; Germs


; Sexy


; More Germs


; Rapping with Style


; U Tube



; A Gripe

View on YouTube
This isn't really about "how", more a man talking about the result.
There's barely ANY actual behind the scenes info in the whole thing.
For MUCH better examples of director commentary, watch the Stargate SG1 DVDs.

; A Tablet

Ooh, shiny technology!!

; Take a Hike..

.. with David Sedaris

; Buy it Again!

Guru Larry takes a look at some shady practices in videogame marketing.

Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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