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Created : 30 July 2020
Edited : 30 July 2020

#478 - Simply The News

Weekly Newsletter

; Simply The News

#478 - Thursday 30th July, 2020

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Every Thursday, Shooting rocks with a lazer beam.


; Hello World

I finally started work on that new Emoji feature on the site, but then also ended up doing way too much other stuff, and hit a roadblock.
What's the roadblock, I hear you ask?
Well, I tried to draw a "Thumbs Up" sprite, and then remembered I'm utterly utterly shit at art!!
I stared at my hand in a "Thumbs Up" position, attempted to render that as a 48x48 pixel sprite, and then deleted the sprite.
And tried again.
And deleted.
And drew.
And "withdrew".
And on, and on, and on.

I think I probably spent about an hour trying to draw a sodding hand.
Oh my god, I suck!!

I also need to write a javascript popup selection box thing to make it easy to post them, once I've got around to drawing them properly.

Between drawing these little pixelart emoji things, all my AGameAWeek CoverArt images, and the weekly Word of the Week thumbnail things, I'm really giving myself a lot of arty things to do, lately.



; Creating The Main Frame

Spinal's created a lovely frame for Windows Windows, using his recently discovered Curtains app.
His theme is nice and Workbench'y, being styled after AmigaOS4.
Lovely stuff

; What Have You Done?

The long awaited return of that occasional thread that only appears when I remember to post the thing.
What have you been up to, lately?
Let us know in the thread.


; Foxtail

This week's word of the week is Foxtail, and for the weekly sketch/thumbnail, Jay chose to draw the laziest picture of a fox that he could, without requiring the art skills necessary to draw an actual fox.
Even still, it's not a very good picture, Jay.
You suck at art!


; How's Things

The thread of how we are continues, with Rychan apologising for "turning it into a diary".
That's kinda the point of the thread, and given any of us barely post about coding anymore, that's also kinda the entire point of the site lately.
Chat, Post, Interact, and be sure to let us know how you're keeping.


; No Man's Sky

Jay finally (FINALLY!) gets around to buying the other space-sim games that he wanted on his PS4, and certainly seems to be enjoying it.
He's now spending hours at a time wandering around, building up a little base, and wandering among the stars.. much to the detriment of his Animal Crossing Island.
Isabelle's not going to be pleased.

; Animal Crossing

Meanwhile, in an attempt to drag Jay back from his interplanetary expedition, there's a new Animal Crossing update incoming.
The big new feature this month will be Dream Islands, a redux of the Dream thing from the 3DS edition.
Now all we need is the seventy thousand different fruit and a nightclub for DJ KK, and we'll be sorted.


; Bill and Ted Hype

The date eeks closer (and then drifts a bit further away) as the new September 1st deadline approaches.
Then...A new trailer drops!!
There's also the ComicCon Panel, but I watched about 5 minutes or so of it, and thought "Nah, I'll leave it until after I've watched the movie."
.. Hopefully the video's still on YouTube by then!

; Noisy Snacks

Jay buys a box of snacks. Chickpeas, Peanuts and other oddities.
Geeze, Jay, what's with the health kick!?

; Creating a Mainframe

Spinal wants to make a nice little "poster" thing that resembles an old IBM Mainframe.
Can you help him?


; Peas

View on YouTube

; An Inch


; Penguin


; Say What?



; Carry On

Geos keeps on going.

View on YouTube

; Brum Brum



; Pink River

Otakupunk plays a great little puzzle/action game.

View on YouTube

; Who?

The Doctor crosses over. Nearly..

80s Cover Corner

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Movie Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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