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Created : 16 September 2021

#534 - Space News

Weekly Newsletter

Space News

#534 - Thursday 16th September, 2021

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Every Thursday, Mum's still playing Puyo Puyo Tetris. She's up to 8062 on the Tetris/Ultra mode, now.


Hello World

Just as I'm starting to get some kind of sleeping habit back into gear, a great big bloody police helicopter wakes me up at half three in the sodding morning.
Apparently some youthy hooligans were hiding out in the graveyard, with the giant chopper shining massive beams through the village, in a bid to find the buggers.

So, this is me awake at 5am, unable to get back to sleep, and deciding to write the newsletter because.. What else is there to do at five in the morning!?



Further Pebble Reworking

Spinal starts to recreate his Max Headroom Pebble watchface for the FitBit range of watches.

Minecart Ride

Platdude's having a crazy ride in a minecart.
Help him gather up the stars for an epic boost!


Pakz retweeted @ValerADHD's example of how a Doom-style 3D Projection works.
It's quite a barebones clip, but teaches exactly what you need, and is an incredibly simplistic way to understand the basic concepts that are necessary for the task.
I've learned an awful lot just from a simple 2 minute video.

Spawned on by this newfound skill, I then took the concept over to SmileBASIC, where I managed to get a neat little 3D game up and running.

Not a bad two day's work, I reckon!


The virus continues, but those vaccinated are dealing with a much easier-to-manage infection.
Though rates are generally going up again, the number of hospitalisations isn't nearly as bad as it was pre-vaccine.
Things are looking up.
Now all we need is to get everyone jabbed.

If you haven't, yet, please do so, ASAP.
It's better to have a sore arm and general exhaustion for a day or so, than to be floored/worse by the actual pandemic.

Meanwhile, all signs point to another Lockdown!
A "Mini" lockdown for the school holidays, a bit like a Mini Milk, but not as creamy.
Will it work?
Or will we all go batshit insane?!

Stay Safe.
Stay Indoors.
Barricade the doors.
Stock up on Toilet Roll.
Arm the warheads.

It's Lockdown 573!!!


Star Trek Day

Star Trek Day was last week, and loads of trailers got hidden away by Paramount because we're not allowed to see adverts for things.
If you can track the trailers down, you might be able to see what adventures await the characters whose names I've mostly forgotten.


The ultimate Minigame collection is back.
Is it any good?!
Sure! Up to a point..
That point being the whole multiplayer aspect, whereby it has exactly the same issue that the GameCube version did.

The whole thing plays WAY too fast for any family members who don't know the game inside and out. The player who "knows" has a MASSIVE advantage, and it makes the entire thing completely unfair.
The fact that there are SO MANY Multiplayer modes, all of which will end up going unplayed in this particular household, makes it all a little disappointing.
But that's not to take away from the rest of the game, which is as lovingly crafted as the best of the WarioWare games.

Best avoided.
Best WarioWare!!!




Steve stumbles upon a music editor called Rytmik Ultimate, which Pakz has already had some experience with.
A couple of vids of Paz's trial, included.

Mega Driving me up the Wall

SecondBASIC is a BASIC language for making MegaDrive games.
If you can figure out how the heck you're supposed to use it, that is.




Musical Interlude

Driving into the Future

View on YouTube

Musical Interlude

Marshmelon Penguin

Song-a-Day Mann gets COVID



Bumper Goonie Bits

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Ashens takes a good long look at himself.

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Three Wheeling

After watching that video about the three wheeled car, last week, YouTube's algorithm is now convinced I'm obsessed with three wheeled cars!

60s Cover Corner

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Beatles Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Friday, 17 September 2021, 00:44
Of course there is Jeremy Clarkson's zany antics in a Robin on Top Gear.

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