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Created : 03 March 2022
Edited : 03 March 2022

#557 - Hit Me Baby, with News

Weekly Newsletter

Hit Me Baby, with News

#557 - Thursday 03rd March, 2022

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Every Thursday, Waiting for Amiga Stuff


Hello World

Been playing with the Amiga, this week.
With the end of the bedroom re-arrangement stuff nearing, it's getting to the point where I have to hook up all my tech.
Good grief, there's a lot of it.

The Amiga's certainly not had a good time during the switch-around, though. The old mouse died, and I ended up having to buy a whole bunch of new bits and pieces to get it updated to semi-modern standards.
I'm now wondering if I should keep going, and buy a Ram expansion. It IS still a bog-standard unexpanded A600, after all. Might be nice to get a little more of an oomph out of it.

Still a few boxes to unpack and the hoard of Game&TV-related teddy bears that have to go somewhere. But it's getting there.

..but where the heck is the Amstrad CPC going to go?



Bee Happy

Rychan heads back to NES development, and plays a bit more with his Bee game.

Toggle 1-2-3

A rather basic platformer, but still infinitely more fun than Switch 1-2


World War Three

Russia's invaded the Ukraine, and all hell's broke loose.
Well, isn't that just peachy.
Anonymous are hacking Russian websites.
Banks are locking down on transactions.
Apple and Google are blocking certain Mobile features.
Even EA's joining in.
The modern battleground!

Discussion about Discussion

The war topic is incredibly important, but it's also incredibly off-topic, so much it could be considered a very "not suitable for a programming forum" topic.
After a few hours of being removed, the topic was then reinstated.
But should it have been?
Is it OK to have that thread on the forum?
What are your thoughts on the topic of this topic?
Let us know in this thread, with the topic of the thread about that topic.

What happened next was all kinds of scary. Out of the top 10 threads on the sidebar, as I was writing this week's newsletter, 4 of them were about the war.
Like I say, I know it's an important thing, but .. we're not supposed to be that.
Much like the periods of having a thousand RIP threads, it just isn't necessary.
I've since opted to merge all the threads into one.
I think people might be pissed off at me for that.
"Free speech" and "our forum" and all that.
At the end of the day, and I guess this goes back to the original email I got, the forum IS supposed to be about coding, and creativity.

Don't make me add PowerBars back, to measure how on-topic your posts are!!!


The Machinations

A C64 Puzzle game which looks like exactly the sort of game I'd be playing a ton of!
A sort of cross between Sokoban and Deflektor.



Rychan sews some curtains and heads to the Gym, while Dabz finished off his Fireplace.
.. Sounds like the plot of an old BBC Sitcom!

Dabz finishes off the fireplace, and relaxes back into his cumfy chair to admire the view.
He shoots up, with a sewing needle lodged firmly in his butt.
Dabz *shaking his fist* : Rychaaaan!!!!




If you'd like to submit your own 40x25 mini game, check out the Box-Coding thread.


Kitty Fried Cat

Only one piece in this bucket.

View on YouTube

Musical Interlude



Bart smashes out an epic rhythm



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View on YouTube


A Fascinating Build, and I really really like the use of the shelving units as steps.

Holiday Pursuits


Why not stay at this lovely Days Inn hotel.

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90s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 03 March 2022, 13:35
"The Machinations", that little snippet dragged a memory up...

I fondly remember a puzzle game by TheCaffineKid, many moons ago, we're talking Blitzcoder era here, it had a RGB colour swapping twist in it, not sure if you remember it? It was an excellent little game, would probably do great on mobile nowadays... I have mused about doing a remake, then the idea floats away like many ideas that pop inside ones nogging!

Infact, now that has popped in there, for some reason your little CPC emulator thing you had posted at the time has surfaced as well... Lol, I'm not sure what it is with me, but I cannot remember nowt 30 mins ago, but I can drag all sorts up for eons ago! hehehe

Thursday, 03 March 2022, 13:50
White Christmas?
Thursday, 03 March 2022, 14:05
Aye... That was it... It was a Christmas one!

Good game, I really enjoyed that!