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Created : 17 March 2022
Edited : 17 March 2022

#559 - News Medley

Weekly Newsletter

News Medley

#559 - Thursday 17th March, 2022

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Every Thursday, Shuffling Files


Hello World

I now have two megabytes in my A600!

And who knew the trapdoor expansion card would be so bloody small.
I'm not sure why I was expecting something larger, but the great big hole in the bottom of the Amiga was roughly the size I'd always assumed the card might be.
Instead.. Teensy little thing! A little smaller than a playing card.

So, what can I do with the newfound power?
Well, I can load the driver for the Compact Flash card, along with Fat95, and have MagicWB on top, then still load Frontier : Elite II on top of all that.

I'm currently sifting through hundreds of disks, trying to figure out which of my disks still work, and quite how I'm supposed to get Blitz2.0 working alongside MagicWB, because it currently doesn't seem to work very well at all!!



Spinal Hunts for Bug$

A bug in the code, but where could it be? Spinal tries to understand, but it just won't reveal itself.

Animated Animal Cruelty

Spinal manages to squeeze a great big dog, down into the size of an itty bitty little watch!


Microsoft Conservatory

New from Microsoft
Microsoft Conservatory 2022
Now includes Windows, Doors, Office, and Lightbulb too.


Rpi C64 Cart

A project to put a tiny Raspberry Pi Pico inside a C64 Cart


A Bird in the Hand

...is worth two on the foot.

A Wire in the Post

...is worth thirteen in the boxes.

A Day in the Gym

...is worth every penny.




If you'd like to submit your own 40x25 mini game, check out the Box-Coding thread.


New Eastenders Set

One chr saying "Yes it is nice, and it is done" followed by another chr saying "It is nice, it is new. I like it", followed by another chr going "Oooh, it is lovely. It is new. It is different, but it's the same."
Would love to see a nice long documentary about the building of this, and the new'ish Corrie set, too.
Why do they not do things like that?
Wasted opportunity.

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"Carrot" Cake!?!


Musical Interlude


Safety First



Mini Cube

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What the Flux?


We Can Rebuild


Crafting Pursuits

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90s Cover Corner

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RadioCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Documentary Time

Got another two hours?

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