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Created : 05 May 2022

#566 - Ain't No News

Weekly Newsletter

Ain't No News

#566 - Thursday 05th May, 2022

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Every Thursday, Watching YouTube adverts in the hope that something interesting appears in-between them all.


Hello World

After a night spent staring at a slowly moving pile of floppy disks, it's somewhat relaxing to simply sit and write an entire newsletter, tonight.

Five hours.. At least.. And only 1/3rd of the floppy disks in the collection!
One by one I popped the disks into the poor little A600's drive, and it whirred and ground away for a minute per disk.
Between that I was physically moving disks across the room and back, and occasionally extracting all the .adf files from the compact flash.
One by one, and I'd say there were probably about 150 disks in that single row of disks.
I'm not 100% sure on the exact figure, though. Wasn't counting!
My backup count is 112, but there were a few dead disks along the way, plus a few PC and Atari ST disks, too.
I've set those aside for another day..

Today I started digging through the disks and, oh boy, the quality isn't exactly up there!!
I also found a disk of BlitzBasic programs which I'd forgotten I'd coded back in the day. Nothing substantial, and I was obviously finding it difficult to make the leap from AMOS to Blitz because...
... euuw, nasty coding!!
But it's nice to look back and reminisce on these things.

I'm hoping to gather a few of the less embarrassing bits and pieces, and pop them online somewhere, so look out for a big pile of utter crap heading to the forum, some time soon!!



Quiet week?

Though the forum's been nice and active, there's not really been a whole lot going on.
If you've been doing anything, post about it. Let us know.
We can't all just waffle on about mountains of floppy disks.
There has to be SOMETHING going on!?!
Isn't there?!

Let us know what you're up to, even if it sounds incredibly dull!


Full Bucket

Jay discovers a wonderful website full of easy to install, simple to use, Synth VST/AU instruments for Windows or MacOS.
A really great collection, if you're currently starting to migrate from years of KorgGadget usage!


2Point4 Children

Did you semi-regularly enjoy this show?
Here's @Mumoss's thoughts on it.
The whole thing is now available on BBC iPlayer.

Cash Bash

Do you have a giant stash of old video games lying around?
Looks like even Amstrad Cassettes are going for a penny or two.. or thousand..
I really oughta dust mine off, and see if I've got a super-mega-fortune lying in a drawer my bedroom!


Steve points us to a video about Frank Sidebottom's videogames.
No wonder Frank's eyes were so damn big.
Too much time sat on front of a computer.
Bad for you, that is.
And your posture.


Star Wars

As I type this, it's May the Fourth, so I'm wearing my best Blue Science Officers t-shirt, and watching the Stargate - Continuum movie.
What did you do to celebrate the day?

Star Trek

The series finale of Picard Season Two will be airing later today (tomorrow in the uk) and everyone's kinda getting bummed out about the fact that the ending has well and truly over-promised, just like last year.
It had SO better be a decent ending.
*angry Trekkie fist*

Star Stuck

Paramount Plus isn't launching in the UK until later next month, and the new Star Trek : Strange New Worlds show begins tomorrow.
Guess how many Trekkies are pissed off, again!


Two Jobs

TheRevillsGames gets two job offers, but which one will he ultimately go with?

Crazy Purchases

AndyH buys books and board games, and picks up some Unicorn people from Forbidden Planet.


Spinal's C64 project hits yet another snag.


Voting Day

Get on out there and vote, UKers.

View on YouTube

Blob the Rapper

Before Parappa was finalised, there was....


An oldie, but a goodie

Trailer Time

Harry Potter as Weird Al


Lost Lore

A look at some of Doctor Who's forgotten history

View on YouTube


A KITT Out of Storage

View on YouTube

House Tour

Mrs Linus tries to take us on a tour of the new house, but other people get in the way.

Childhood Pursuits

Rod, Jane and Freddy

And Matthew Corbett?

View on YouTube

In Conversation

View on YouTube

70s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

Modern Cover Corner

View on YouTube

MovieCover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

Pakz Playz Popz

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