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Created : 21 July 2022

#576 - In the News Tonight

Weekly Newsletter

In the News Tonight

#576 - Thursday 21st July, 2022

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Every Thursday, Cooling Down


Hello Melted World

Oh crikey, what a heatwave that was. With UK temperatures hitting 40 degrees © for the first time in recorded history, and large fires breaking out all over the country, it's certainly been a scorcher.
Ice pops and Fans helped me and Mum to cope with the extreme temperatures.

And all the salads..
My god, the number of salads we've eaten, this week!

Did you survive?
Let us know in the thread below.


Hacking the Switch

Spinal finds a way to get elements from his PC onto SmileBASIC on the Switch, via the functionality of an Arduino.
He's managed to progress quite far in his attempts.
If you'd like to hazard a guess as to what he might be doing with all of this, chip in, in the thread below.


AI Does Choons

Pakz points us to an AI music creator, which generates brand new piano-based pieces, after a whole lot of musical training. (about 120Gb, over 7 million notes!!)
That's a heck of a lot of data for some melodies.
Makes you wonder how big Dall-E's learning model must be.



Clickteam Fusion is apparently still a thing!
I had no idea that was still supported, but AndyH has let us know that there's a new version available.
I still remember being completely disappointed by the fact that it wasn't "A PC version of AMOS", beck in the day.
Have you used Fusion or any of its variants over the years?
Let us know in the thread.

Take On...



My Choon

AL O'Dare got a copyright takedown, this week.
It's bound to happen after over a thousand choons, something was bound to click.
It just seemed a little bit too close to the point when AL switched to Ableton, if I'm honest.
If I were a betting man, I reckon some goit's sitting there watching for the "Ableton" tag in Soundcloud uploads, then going right after them.


If you try to use the BBCode buttons on an iOS device, lately, it has a nasty habit of forgetting where the cursor was, and plonking the BBCode results in random locations.
Jay's spent the past few days trying to figure out how to fix this, but hasn't yet worked out a valid way to do it.
If you have any ideas, let him know in the thread below.


Puss in Boots

View on YouTube



Musical Interlude


AI Corner


Jazza throws Emoji at DallE, to see what it comes up with.

View on YouTube


What happens if you ask the AI to make a cake recipe..?


Mysteries of Engineering

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I Go Funny For the Honey


Cookery Pursuits

3 Ingredients

Those "croissants" look lovely.

View on YouTube

In Conversation


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80s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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View on YouTube

(Let's hope that one doesn't get a takedown!)

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