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Created : 28 July 2022

#577 - Puyo News

Weekly Newsletter

Puyo News

#577 - Thursday 28th July, 2022

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Every Thursday, Preparing myself for the end of the world... .. of Neighbours.


Hello World

Tuesday : Spent about 3 hours trying to get a rainbow to draw properly.
Gave up.
Deleted Rainbow.

That's more or les show my whole week's been going, so far.
Last week I prepared a great little ALChoon, posted a new Browsercade game, anthem new Alien Deathmatch Arena to SmileBASIC
This week.
Fail after fail after fail.
Nothing has seemingly gone right, and if I'm honest, it's really starting to irritate me.

In other none-news, just had a slight panic attack when my MacBook's mouse cursor completely disappeared, only for me to realise it'd crossed over to my iPad.
Oh, Apple, with your completely useful functionality that I forget about until it decides to completely fuck with my head.



Pakz has a play with the world of 3D Geometry, as he tries to make a 3D world using rectangles and lines and all those other retro elements.
Written in Javascript, his simple demo features a map and a camera.
Will it end up as a nice little 3D game?!
Is it too much to hope for a remake of the Amiga "Trick or Treat" shareware game?!
Stay tuned to find out!

Funky Chicken

AndyH is currently using Fusion to create prototype games that (I presume) he'll later on be attempting to get to work on older retro hardware.
He's currently playing with an inverted pacman kind of game, where the Funky Chicken lays so many eggs, your head would implode!!
.. Goodness knows how the poor little chicken's cloaca's feeling.

In Control

Spinal's continuing his exciting hacks at SmileBASIC by trying to make an Arduino work as a controller, so that he can send bytes of data to the system, in the form of controller inputs...!
Sure, OK!
Whatever works, I guess.



Why bother making your own drumloops any more, when AI can do it for you!
Pakz points us to a drumloop that actually sounds pretty damn good.
They also loop really well, too, so you can drag and drop them into your DAW of choice and get cookin'!


Are Pulp Coming Back?

Without a Doubt
After a teaser on Instagram last week, seems like Jarvis is getting the band back together, to do another final farewell tour.
It'll be a shame if there's not a new album to show for it, though given how dreary the last Pulp album was, alongside Jarvis' solo stuff, maybe that's not such a great thing.
Could do with a nice lively Pulp album, right now, though.

Are Altered Images Coming Back?

It Is Certain
Claire P Grogan isn't waiting for that Red Dwarf call-back any more, and has dived right back into doing music.
After the past few years playing at a variety of those "80s Live!" sorts of gigs, there's been a new album recorded, and it's being drip-fed to us track by track!
The new album, Mascara Streaks is currently listed as releasing on the 26th of August.

Is Blitz3D Coming Back?

Outlook Not So Good.
The rumour mill is full of speculation over what exactly Acid Software's been posting, though it now appears to be just the Fan-Updated GitHub ports that are being discussed.
Still, was a thing there for a while, and everyone got a little excited!


A Tweak Untweaked

I thought about something on Sunday, grabbed the laptop, opened the SoCoder Code, and completely forgot what the tweak was.
It's been a few days since then, and the idea hasn't yet re-emerged.
God damnit, I hate getting old!!

If you can delve into my head on Sunday Afternoon, please do let me know what it was that I so desperately considered fixing.



I've been hunting for a decent tool to do ALChoon Music Videos for a while, and this week found out about Apple Motion.
It's a sort of Mini version of Final Cut Pro, but is "meant" to be for generating small titles and such that can then be imported into Final Cut Pro.

As it is, though, it's actually quite a powerful little video editor, allowing you to trigger things based on audio, great for making little music videos.

It's also powerful enough to do 3D text, 3D objects, motion tracking and more..
Might be worth a look if you're interested in doing short intro clips for videos/games, as well as other similar things.


Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

Epic Disguise


I Don't Think He Likes It


Musical Interlude


Football Thing


Musical Interlude



Dying Hard Drives

Why they die, and how to tell if they're already doing so.

View on YouTube


Making the Perfect Pop Video

Captain Disillusionment shows us how, including a really neat way to cheat a stop motion video.

View on YouTube


Mike attempts 10,000 steps a day, for a week..
..I miss walking places.


Farewell, Neighbours.

The long-running Aussie soap comes to an end tomorrow.
If you're interested in watching the finale, there's the regular episode on Channel 5 at 6pm, and then a one hour two-part ending at 9pm.
... I think...
That's what I've read, so that's what I'm going with!

View on YouTube

Also, a gorgeous set of drone shots, through the various sets.

In Conversation

Nish Kumar (A snippet from the full podcast, from 2018)

View on YouTube

Mashup Corner

View on YouTube

Movie Cover Corner

View on YouTube

Movie Game Cover Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

While not truly a remix, I've been playing almost daily rounds of Puyo Puyo Tetris against my Mum for about a year, and this hadn't popped up until a few days ago!!

View on YouTube

Pakz Playz Carols

View on YouTube

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