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Created : 18 August 2022

#580 - All Day, and All of the News

Weekly Newsletter

All Day, and All of the News

#580 - Thursday 18th August, 2022

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Every Thursday, Sleeping on the job.


Hello World

I've been rejigging the AGameAWeek layout a bit, this week.
The Search/Filter is now much more useable, and the general front-page is a bit less "Every day's a Pixelart".
Of course, I now really have to start adding a picture to every day's blog, or the boxes start to look a little bit bland, but hopefully I can manage to keep up at least a scribble each day, wherever I don't have a screenshot/similar to post.

.. Right!?

Another daily thing to do.

On the plus side, I'm nearly up to my year's worth of doing that Puzzle-A-Day wooden calendar thing, and I absolutely, definitely intend to stop doing it after that!!
My god, the amount of time that drags out of your morning is insane!!!

Highly recommended as a decent daily puzzle, but .. Watch your time!!
Many's a day, over the past year, where almost half an hour has just flown by.


Shadow Fighting

TheRevillsGames is having one heck of an issue with his Jigsaw game, in that the game's trying to draw hundreds of pieces, each with highlights and shadows, and Blitz is really not having a good time of it.
If you have any suggestions on how to lighten the load, let him know in the thread.


New Home for Windows

Spinal's got an old (better) system up and running, and wants to essentially drag'n'drop his install of Windows from one PC to the other.
Looks like a Drive Mirror is the best way to go, but are there other options available for Windows users?
Have you come across any handy tools that might let him magically continue with his current setup, on a completely different PC?
Let us know if you do!

Keeping Secure

Security cameras are apparently all the rage, these days, with Brice getting some new ones, and Jay showing off the slightly dodgy quality of his cheap ones.
Do you have security cameras?
If so, post pics in the thread, so we can all be nosey buggers!!

Fans All Over

It got WAY too hot, over the weekend, and everybody clambered for a brand new set of fans..
It's been salads and cooled pasta in our house.
We had Pizza last night, but only because it was finally starting to cool down.
.. Too hot for Pizza. That's how hot it's been!


Locked Topic

The recent "Energy Bills" thread went out of control, yesterday.
It was mostly my fault.
.. It was pretty much entirely my fault.

The thread was all about spiralling costs, and I slapped an incredibly political point of view in the thread.
Rychan counteracted, and then I had a go back.

I stopped.. And I thought about what I'd done.
It was wrong of me to have argued like that.

It was also wrong to allow the politics to get in the way of a coding forum.

And that's really the biggest issue, here.
I'm supposed to be moderating to stop that sort of shit, not causing it myself.

Less politics, more coding.

I'd like to apologise to Rychan, and anyone else who may have been offended by my thoughts expressed in the thread.

The thread has now disappeared, not to hide my shame, but instead to leave it atop my Admin section as a reminder to myself that I need to do a better job.

Keep coding
Carry on
Without the politics



Musical Interlude

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Musical Interlude

D'you remember that song in the 90s, Spaceman, with its speeded up intro hook that you thought was totally awesome, but that then rapidly lead into the most dreary, bag of shite, miserable track, that you've ever heard, and you hated it because of the "False advertising" of the hook?
D'you remember that?

Mø's finally finished it off!

Musical Interlude



Be the Borg

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Byker Grove!

Did you know how it ended?
...because... ... holy hell!!

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Outdoor Pursuits

A Walk on the Beach

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In Conversation

Oi, Sin

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60s Cover Corner

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80s/90s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 18 August 2022, 07:59
Imperial beach is where Darth Vader goes for vacation :

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Thursday, 18 August 2022, 10:09

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