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Created : 26 October 2022

#589 - Monster News

Weekly Newsletter

Monster News

#589 - Thursday 27th October, 2022

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Hello World

Off for the SpoOOoOOoky Covid Booster in the morning, so am posting this last thing at night before I go to bed, so I don't forget in the morning.
Unless I forget to post it tonight, and then have to rush-post it in the morning.
.. Of course, I could also then forget to post it in the morning, too, in which case I won't post it until I get back from my jab.

Exciting news, huh?

I have little/nothing else going on, right now.
Thankfully it's been somewhat uneventful this week, with everything being an otherwise smooth week with not too much happening.

...We got another new Prime Minister, this week, but that's pretty much a none-event nowadays, switching up almost as often as Have I Got News For You hosts do.


Words and Pictures

TheRevillsGames asks for advice on how to reduce the amount of blurb onscreen, especially during menu screens.
Do you have any suggestions as to how to make text less texty, while still giving across all the important information that you need to?

Poke Reminder

There's only a few days left to get your creative content in to the Mind Poke.
If you've been creative this month, be sure to give us a Suggestion Word that can be popped into next month's Poke.


Crafted Hats

Over in the Philippines, students have had to make hats to make it obvious when they're cheating.
.. If you're a good enough cheater, you'd make a hat that sits on a gimbal and stays in one place whilst you place at your fellow student's papers.


Struggled to spot anything, this week.
More and more frequently, my Amstrad, Commodore and Spectrum twitter searches are being clogged by "old videogame screenshot of the day" bots.
It's really bloody infuriating, especially when all you really want is actual news about the things.

There should be more stuff next week, though, as the Amiga Blitz compo finally draws to a close 2 months later than scheduled..
I never did do anything for that, did I..?



After last week's suggestion that I integrate a version of SpikeDislike Daily into SoCoder, I .. integrated a version of SpikeDislike Daily into SoCoder.
There are daily spikes to dislike, and every day gets a scoreboard on the site.
Over 30 days, scores are collated. Your first three plays of the day are recorded, and two scoreboards are built up based on "Best of 3" and also "Average of 3" scores.

So, thoughts..
Have I made it "Too Me, Me, Me", or is it ok just to have a game there?
Thoughts in the thread below.

Doctor Who

The End

The finally of the Jodie era of Who has aired, and it was good enough for a Chibnall..
.. *shrugs*

The New Start

A new logo for the new era. What has Russell T Davies and his team come up with?!

1st of October

Every year, Andrew and Rob lock themselves away until they make an album in a day.
Behind the scenes

View on YouTube
The Album

AllTheTubes are Long


View on YouTube

Installing Linux


SoVery Long


View on YouTube

A Good Beatles Cover


They Don't Make Little Vids Anymore


The whole movie, in Lego!

View on YouTube

Commercial Break


Sex City


In Conversation


View on YouTube

Spooooooooooky Cover Corner

View on YouTube

70s Cover Corner

View on YouTube


View on YouTube

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube


VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube

VGRelated Corner

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Wednesday, 26 October 2022, 20:12
If those students had been really clever, they would have written possible answers to possible questions insie their hats...