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Created : 22 February 2024

#619 - Chocolate Flavoured Migraine


Chocolate Flavoured Migraine

#619 - Friday 23rd February, 2024

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Something, Something, Waffle


Hello World

It's an hour until my birthday.
I'm sitting here stuffing my face with a big bag of Galaxy Minstrels.
I'm about 10% through the bag, it's a giant 217g bag, and I'm going to eat the whole bag.
I already have a migraine.
I don't care.
I'm going to watch some Red Dwarf and have a great birthday-eve.

Celebrate and chocolate yourself to bed.
Go Jay!
Nom nom nom!
Donuts tomorrow!

My diabetes stats are going to be off the charts.

.. Good job I'm not currently recording all my health stats for the Doctor..


Let's Go Fly a Plane

Steve gets back into the realm of radio controlled model aircraft.
Tweaking and electronicalling and rebuilding with a new controller.


AndyH is working on a Vic20 game with Rod Hull's favourite bird, as it wanders around a stormy 8-bit landscape.
Can he cram it all into the space of an expanded Vic-20?
Good luck, AndyH!

Steve's Car

Steve's Car is jealous that it's not appeared in the Newsletter Comeback, yet, so has decided to throw a wobbler, and break down again.

AI Stuffage

Pakz Chat

Pakz has been getting GPT and co to build a bunch more nice little things.

The Triangle based tilemap looks rather snazzy.
I'm not sure I'd've thought of making the tilemap from triangles like that. Usually everything's squares in my games.

Next he got it to generate an isometric tilemap, ripe for a retro Populous style thing. Or maybe that "Virus" game from the Amiga.


Hoppy Bobby

This week, I decided to remake one of my OUYA titles.
Hoppy Bobby was actually originally created as a theme for SpikeDislike, but in the end, wound up being its own game.
To be honest, it'd probably fit rather well going back into the SpikeDislike.com engine, but that's a task for another day.
For now, simply hoppity hop to the goal!

Hula Hooping!

This week I started off trying to do a choon about hippos, but ended up making one about Hula Hoops.
Must be hungry, or something.


If you'd like to see your AI Art in a future AI Gallery, PM them my way, or post them to the DallE3 Thread, and I'll pick out a few for next week's Newsletter.

"Sonic's stunt performer doesn't look very much like him."

"An outstanding photograph of a GlaDOS in the wild, award winning photography"

"Doctor Who vs a giant mutant tentacled monster"

"Link (Zelda) drastically alters his appearance"

"Who is Jayenkai"
.. Oh, I wish I looked even half that good..


JSE's alarmingly three years old, already.
Good grief.
There's SO much stuff I need to do.
Tutorial series, Cloud storage, Error messages.
So much...

This week I finally got around to improving the speed of For-Loops a little.
After a ton of thinking it through, I've managed to get about 20% off the time that for-loops took. It's not a lot, and I was kinda hoping it'd be more, but it's another little pokey poke towards perfect optimisation!

Frustratingly, I'm not finding things much faster in Firefox, lately.
In fact, I'm pretty sure it's getting slower.
I wonder, is that my doing, or is it something Firefox has been doing in the background?

I mean, it seems faster everywhere else, so..

More optimising necessary.

Let me know if you've noticed any improvements or not.

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Friday, 23 February 2024, 00:43
> Reveal 🔎
Friday, 23 February 2024, 00:45
Those would be super handy!!!
Friday, 23 February 2024, 04:25
I just tried a old project in GotoJse. Still not too quick. I do think and notice the speed increases when making the browser window smaller. The gfx seems to be a bit of a bottle neck there on bigger screens.

Tiny glitches on the sprites when resizing from small to big browser screen.
Friday, 23 February 2024, 04:53
Have you tried scaler 3? Thats usually a bit faster, so long as you start at a "normal" resolution.
Graphics w,h,3
Friday, 23 February 2024, 05:16
I fed the source into Gemini Advanced which I subscribed to today. The analysis was quite good. It did not recognize JSE specifically though. The code had a 512 by 512 resolution which might be to much on this low end laptop.

Gemini Advanced was said to be able to run python straight from the window. Not working here atm.

I'm having it create chapters at a time now on anything and turning on the read out loud button