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Evil Roy Ferguso


11th February 2018

Mac version initially didn't run here -- libglfw.3.dylib was missing. `brew install glfw3` fixed that issue, but the game hung shortly thereafter and I had to force close it. :( I'm running High Sierra on one of those newfangled touchbar Macs.


Evil Roy Ferguso

New Server - Aug 2017

12th August 2017

I'm in the eastern US; the download took about 2 seconds from either server but it was very slightly faster on the new one.

Evil Roy Ferguso

Scary shutdowns!

9th November 2013

Overheating is possible, but my experience has been that machines are more likely to just appear frozen when that happens than to outright shut off.

It sounds to me like the PSU might be failing.

Evil Roy Ferguso


27th August 2013

I've only recently touched the Android SDK, and I have to say, it feels like it was designed specifically to promote a lingering feeling of Weltschmerz.

Evil Roy Ferguso

Ye Olde Grumpaloos

27th July 2013

We mostly say ’accelerator’ around here. (Ohio)

Evil Roy Ferguso

Konami - Vogue

16th July 2013

There's actually a little jQuery plugin that does the non-hat portion of this:


Evil Roy Ferguso

Roy's Survival?

9th July 2013

In other news my continued survival continues to baffle nearly a dozen people

Evil Roy Ferguso


5th June 2013

Randomly-generated usually, but occasionally if I'm lazy I'll use a passphrase if I misspell enough words and punctuate it badly enough. ("/Chut-chut with Some1 h0tt like an equalitarian; and Yam-Yngdorian/") I also get lazy if I know for a fact that the s*snip*

Evil Roy Ferguso

What's Your Name?

2nd May 2013

Christopher Alexander Wagner. Unfortunately, "er", as pronounced in American English, is one of my least favorite phonemes.

Evil Roy Ferguso

The Science of Computing

19th April 2013

Think of it on the bright side. At the average college over here it would probably have been:


Evil Roy Ferguso

Win8 Lovin'

24th March 2013

Windows 8 is indeed very fast. Metro apps are all but useless on a desktop PC, though, and like others I found the context-switching between the desktop and Start screen mildly irritating.

I have to admit that I installed [url=https://www.classicshell.n*snip*

Evil Roy Ferguso

Your Top 10 Games

24th November 2012

1. Tetris - I don't need to justify this.

2. Sam & Max Hit the Road - Steve Purcell would pretty much just have to say the word and I'd give him my firstborn. This game has had a profound and lasting impact on my idiolect. Grim Fandango would also be in*snip*

Evil Roy Ferguso

Too Hot

9th November 2012

You talkin' CPU temperatures there?

(7C here...)

Evil Roy Ferguso

Raspberry Pi update.

24th October 2012

I got mine back with one of the earlier batches and only now finally got around to using it. RetroPie is super-nice - the NES emulation is pretty much perfect, and the SNES only seems to hiccup with later-gen games.

Sorry to hear you've been having so m*snip*

Evil Roy Ferguso

Who is Wario?

24th October 2012

Japanese is if anything even punnier than English - there are a lot more homophones to facilitate this, and similar-looking characters can also be a sort of "visual pun" that doesn't really work in alphabetic writing systems.

The thing is that trying to*snip*

Evil Roy Ferguso

Git GUI push

25th June 2012

I will note that GitHub for Windows actually [i]does[/i] indicate when you're formatting your commit messages wrong - it just gives you such a minor visual cue that it's hard to notice unless you're looking for it. When a line of the commit message gets be*snip*

Evil Roy Ferguso

Jay's Crappy April

19th April 2012

Disease is a really, really terrible hobby - you should go back to writing games instead...

Wishing you the best.

Evil Roy Ferguso

Jay's crappy March

14th March 2012

(Not good at emotion-talk, but...)

Your March has definitely sucked. I hope things go as well as possible, all things considered. Hospitals suck even when you're not actually all that sick, so when you're actually in condition to need one...

Evil Roy Ferguso

Learning WebDev

20th February 2012

I mostly agree with Jayenkai, but if you don't know HTML yet, I think you should get a decent handle on HTML / CSS before you delve into the others too far.

Although I disagree with Afr0's advice to not learn JavaScript, I do not necessarily disagree wi*snip*

Evil Roy Ferguso

Auto = Nought?

14th February 2012

I do not ultimately condone its sentiment, but it seems relevant to the current scenario:


Evil Roy Ferguso

X-- vs X>0

17th January 2012

Well, that's not entirely an accurate conversion.

If x starts at 0,

[code]while (x--) {

will not execute, but

do {
} while (Convert.ToBoolean(x--))

WILL execute once.

Convert.ToBoolean on ints*snip*

Evil Roy Ferguso

array Problem

10th January 2012

That's because you're passing in a single element of the array with INS(R[0]) instead of the array, when what you need is just INS(R). You also can't print the result of that, since it doesn't return anything.

Evil Roy Ferguso

array Problem

10th January 2012

Passing in the array works; the line doing it was just commented out in your example above and I did not change it back.

Evil Roy Ferguso

array Problem

9th January 2012

Blitz's array support is anemic. You can pass string arrays to methods, but the so called "blitzarrays" break if you specify the type anywhere but declaration. That is to say, the following will work:


Function INS(E$[10])

Local J:Local S

Evil Roy Ferguso

Blitz 3D math source

7th December 2011

@JL235 - I am aware of how floating point math works -- it's not that 10 million is an odd choice but that "infinity" is expressly given a finite value. I'd probably have to call it something more like "MAX_SIGNIFICANT_VALUE" if I wanted to be able to read*snip*

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