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Jay back in hospital - 2020

5th November 2020

So glad that you’re back in touch with reality, back at home and that you’re surrounded by friends and family.

I haven’t been active around here for the last ~15? Years, but I can’t imagine the internet without this place or you.


Oh no, poor pebble....

31st January 2016

I had the same issue with mine. I was able to fix it by pressing any 2 of the buttons at the same time (strange, but it worked).

Also after opening it up it seems the issue is with the screen ribbon not being held in place properly and slipping about a *snip*



5th October 2012

I love the iPhone 5. It's not that it's the absolute best phone spec wise, it's not that there is an extra row of icons.

For me It's just such a good feel in my hand, it's light but feels solid. The extra ~100px doesn't seem like much but when I'm readi*snip*


Spinal vs PHP

19th July 2012

I've had this problem on and off over the years.
The most common problem for me is usually a conflict with the port that I'm using for apache, it tends to have some interesting issues that make it look like apache is working, but php isn't, so I usually m*snip*


Sifteo blocks

10th August 2011


This seems like a neat idea. having the ability to take a simple little block and tie them together to make a game.

I'm sure I've seen something similar somewhere but I'm not sure where. does *snip*


New Job oppotunity for me

11th July 2011

I find this part difficult, not because I'm perfect but I generally learn from mistakes so its not a failure or I research a task before attempting it. I understand no one is perfect and I have weaknesses but putting down something thats not too m*snip*


SQL syntax error trying to insert data...

31st March 2011

I jsut noticed that you have your $_POST variable inside the string. PHP just assumes that $_POST is a variable and ['stuffHere'] is a string. which is gonna cause trouble.

a simple (not best practise) way would be like this.



PHP security

22nd March 2011

"As far as user input goes, there's no need for me to sanitize it, at least not yet. You have to log on in order to submit anything at all to the DB, and there really isn't any need for me to have a system whereby people can create their own users."



PHP security

21st March 2011

The biggest mistake most developers make is NOT assuming that all data is malicious unless it is the exact type of input they are expecting.

Example: your sites url looks something like this https://site.com/page.phpp?id=1245

The ID should always be *snip*


Pop! Poppety-pop!

16th March 2011

[i]"This is a job, you Absolutely MUST do it properly.

As long as the site displays well in all browsers including but not limited to Netscape and IE6, that's a job well done as far as I'm concerned.
Chances are that this site won't be actively devel*snip*


Every Single Time

28th February 2011

that's true. I spose I'd really be banking on the head start I'd have to scratch out at least a niche in the market.

Regardless if it's a massive success or not. It's a good resume/portfolio piece for me.


Every Single Time

24th February 2011

@stealth that's kind of the expanded idea of my site. It started out as searching for recipes based on ingredients but quickly expanded into a much larger set of features.

Admittedly after looking into it more, Google's service isn't really all that muc*snip*


Every Single Time

24th February 2011

It seems to happen every single time I have an idea.

A few years ago I had an idea for a recipe search site, but i didn't get started on it until a couple of months ago ([url=https://chowdown.co]https://chowdown.co[/url]).

This morning g*snip*


Variable management problem

23rd February 2011

could you not do it using a multidimensional array? that way you could keep track of each of the values and be able to figure our what order they were gathered in fairly easily.


What Have You Done : 23rd February 2011

23rd February 2011

[u]What did you get done this week.[/u]
I actually got a massive chunk of coding done on a recipe site i'm working on [url=https://chowdown.co]https://chowdown.co[/url] (it might not resolve straight away. I only just registered it).
There's *snip*


Design : A better programming file format

21st February 2011

I think (as jay said) the main reason for plain text is that it just works. If you start introducing things like embedded images & hyperlinks into the mix then you get every language having a single purpose editor.
There'd be no easy way to have things li*snip*


What Will You Do : 2011

9th January 2011

Why hello again everyone!

My 2011 goals are pretty mucht he same as 2010, 2009 and probably 2008 as well.

[li]Get my [url=https://tirant.com.au/ac]recipe site[/url] finished[/li]
[li]Get something happening at [url=https://devcrunch.com]Devcrunch[/u*snip*


Sound algorithm

25th October 2009

[url=https://www.shazam.com/music/web/pages/iphone.html]Shazam[/url] Does that :)


secure login system

21st July 2009

There are things you can do to make it more secure, like never storing a plain text value, and if possible (especially for things like logins) concatenate a couple of fields together to make it that little bit harder to guess.

And just perform a check a*snip*


Michael Jackson.. RIP

26th June 2009

he was 50, extremely stressed and apparently suffered from an eating disorder... it's not like he was 20 and fit. He's been sick for ages.

Unortunate, sad but it's true.

I was looking forward to one more album :(


Learning Java

9th June 2009

I've just lately become interested in the idea of learning java. But looking at the bookstore somewhat confused me (with all the options and obscure sounding names). Does anyone know any good resources (online or in book form) to get me started?



QOTD : What're you working on?

3rd June 2009

I'm actually started work on the Devcrunch revival, as well as a couple of other projects ([url]https://musoconnect.com.au[/url] being one of them).

I should get them done sometime soon. I keep getting interrupted by clients asking me to do work for the*snip*


QOTD : Blitzcoder Memories

8th May 2009

they probably registered it for ages... It'll eventually come on the market again


Movie [plot] ideas!

4th May 2009

mindstorm8191: so basically it's kind of like a movie about karl pilkington? haha


QOTD : Blitzcoder Memories

3rd May 2009

the last one was cicero i think

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