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Pi is wrong!

24th November 2010

We should be using Tau instead



20th May 2010

Alt+Tab ++ !



28th April 2010

Just when you thought it was finally dead, finally banished to the dark Google indexes of the internet, someone has built a website for making any site look like it was built on Geocities.
However I found a few bugs; first no random Photoshop lens flares *snip*


Photo Realistic?

12th April 2010

A small project to build photo-realistic facial animation using a new setup (I think much of the experiment was to develop how to use the new idea). It's a video of a US daytime TV actress talking about the video company who produced this. They then remove*snip*


Apple bans programming languages

12th April 2010

All except C++, Objective-C and JavaScript


Windows Live Mesh

16th February 2010

syncronise and backup 5gb folders for FREE!


Sublime Text

9th February 2010

Snazzy text editor FTW


Radiohead Nude remix

3rd January 2010

This is old, so you may have already seen it. But if not it's really cool. It's a remix of a Radiohead song made using loads of old machinery. A spectrum, scanner, printer, ossilascope and loads of hard disks.
It gets going about a third of a way in, and *snip*


TCP/IP guide

24th November 2009

I am currently taking a networking module, and as a part of that I must do lots of research on networking. Whilst Googling for different netwroking topics I keep stumbling across this site, and it usually has the answers I need.
It's very well written out*snip*



4th November 2009

a list of game development companies all over the globe


Tetripong featured on Russian indie game round-up show

13th September 2009

I have no idea what it's about


John Carmack QuakeCon 09 KeyNote speech

17th August 2009

John Carmack gives a very interesting 2 hour talk on the future of Id, why they were bought by ZeniMax, Rage, iPhone development, why Java phone development is bad, parallelism and more...


BlitzMax Coder

11th July 2009

BMax fanzine


Will wright talk on Game Design

20th June 2009

with lots of examples from the Sims


Functional/Game Bloggerr

17th April 2009

I found this on the internet whilst at work and then decided to read it for the next 2 hours (then I went home). The guy is a programmer who has done various things in his life, including game development. His topics on functional languages are very intere*snip*



19th May 2008

This is a short piece of stop animation that my brother recently made. Enjoy.


Phantasy Star Online

29th April 2008

running on a free server


Greenfoot Talk at Google Tech

6th April 2008

A nice talk about Greenfoot at the recent Google Tech. What it is, what it's for, partly how to use it and a magic trick.


Phun Physics

20th March 2008

Yet another drawing physics app, but this is both free and available. Still in beta but works very well.


calling C from Java in 5 minutes

7th September 2007

screencast explination of how it's done


A man who carries his brothers arm

8th August 2007

really bizarre, really creepy...


Running Windows and Linux, togethor

8th July 2007

I might try this


How to hack Microsoft

1st July 2007

news item and video


Programming Languages History

8th June 2007

a big diagram of the history of languages


Bill Gates and Steve Jobs interview

31st May 2007

togethor, chatting, and being friendly

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