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Amstrad, and JSW, related FB groups.

16th July 2018

[url=https://www.facebook.com/groups/1066160190075999/]Amstrad Classic Gaming and Demos[/url]
''A retro gaming group for all retro gaming enthusiasts with the focus on CLASSIC AMSTRAD CPC GAMING.''



LMMS free alternative to FL Studio

21st June 2012

Title says it all.


About bloomin' time!

9th March 2011


Personally, I don't know why they can't just ban smoking completely, it's a manky habit anyway, glad I gave up years ago!.


Ooh-arr fertiliser!

23rd December 2010

I'm dreamin'... of a shite... christmas.....
Well, not really, but this lot are!



Music to my ears....NOT!

18th December 2010

In my strongest opinion, [url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-12021661]THIS[/url] has got to be the one of the worst pieces of tripe I've ever wasted time on listening to. It reminds me of some when some crusty decides to fling turds at a wall and decl*snip*


Another word to be trademarked.

28th November 2010

This time it's FaceBook, they are going to trademark the word ''Face''. Good thing us Brits have the word moush or moosh then innit!


IMHO, we're all going to be running out of web name*snip*


Bernard Matthews has gobbled his last turkey.

26th November 2010

This is has got to reach the high-mark on the weirdshitometer. On Thanksgiving, Bernard Matthews the turkey-king has carked-it. Must have been shock, due to the high number of turkeys that were sold!

[edit]OOPS!, just had to do a last minute edit. It wa*snip*


On your marks... Get set... MOW !

23rd April 2010



CPC Scene

18th April 2010

Just found this site for anyone that's still into Amstrad CPC stuff.

Looks like it's still in it's infancy, but might grow over time !

[url]cpcscene.com[/url] or [url]https://cpcscene.untergrund.net/[/url]

Enjoy !


A game of...

13th March 2010




Did you know ?...

29th December 2008

The main ingredient for Dynamite is extracted from peanuts !

And it's inventor started the Nobel Peace Prize.

[edit]That blows an old friends theory, that the Nobel Prize was started by the inventor of the Door Knocker :D... Geddit ? No-Bel :P[/edit]*snip*


Where it began !...

8th December 2008

That's not a mouse, that's a Guinea Pig !.

You would need hands like coal shovels to hande a mouse that big !.



Think inside the box !

15th November 2008



Don't mess with the sprog !.

13th November 2008




7th November 2008

This is a seriously funny concept for a game...



Pumpkins can be hazardous to your health !.

28th October 2008

Especially if this one hit you on the head :P



Cyst Cheese. LOL.

24th October 2008

[big]Warning before viewing ![/big]

[big]Contains some mild/bad language. So turn your speakers off if you are easily offended, or if your parents don't want you to hear it.[/big]

[u][b]Do Not[/b][/u], view this link if you have just eaten, or in the*snip*


Nosey B******S.

21st October 2008

Some thieving gits, don't stop at anything.
Hav a look at this.



A Flamin' Hot idea :).

14th October 2008

That will stop dozy blonde's from making salon appiontments while driving. :P



About bloody time too !

7th October 2008

A system to stop younger drivers from driving like idiots.


Now what is needed, is a system to detect if the driver is p****d (sorry... Drunk !)


Noooo... What's the world comming to ?.

26th September 2008

Be very carful about whoever you meet-up with online !.



Site for Mingers.

17th September 2008

I'm surprised to see a site like that.

If ya' don't ming, ya' don't get in.



HE-HEY... Imagine the fun you could have.

11th August 2008


[edit]If they manage to perfect this, they could apply it to cinemas, for when Mr Lankie sits in the next row in front of you.[/edit]



5th August 2008

That's gotta hurt. :P

Tube took it down :(:(:(


If only all doctors were as dedicated as this.

5th August 2008

This Doctor deserves a Knighthood or something !.


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