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My Gamma4 Entry

31st January 2010

Video Included...


Small Space Project

6th September 2009

This is my latest little side project:

After taking the Summer to watch the first season of the original Star Trek, I was inspired to make a game, not where you fly a space ship, but where you actually command it. This is my ''Small Space Project&qu*snip*


Swaying Trees

7th July 2008

Still messing around with my [url=https://www.socoder.net/index.php?blogs=12966]''Nice Little Map System''[/url], I decided to replace the marker trees with something a little less...static.




12th June 2008

Back to the Puzzle Game...


Nice Little Map System

26th March 2008

What I'm working on...


Looked Like a Fun Party...

2nd December 2007


Aw well, there's always next year.

Cool stuff, eh? See the rest of the pictures [url=https://flickr.com/photos/sfllaw/sets/72157603345277009/]here[/url].


The Good News, and the Bad

28th November 2007

Concerning Gamma256


Gettin' Art-sy!

11th November 2007

Question: What did Nick decide to do with his Sunday afternoon? Did he:

a) Do his Macbeth homework.
b) Work on his game.
c) Post-It Note his wall.

If you picked letter 'c', then you're correct! Here were my supplies -



Euro-Trip (Part II)

5th October 2007

...almost forgot.


Another Frog...

2nd September 2007

It's name is Captain, and it's a red-eyed tree frog:


Little bugger cost me $50, but I'm already madly *snip*


My Resolutions Entry

29th August 2007

I hate this. I just start a new project, I'm working diligently on it, and then Jay has to go and screw things up by posting a link to a Canadian compo that I JUST CAN'T PASS UP.

Here it is!



My Porn Folder

25th August 2007

But not really...


Blanko - Original Again!

13th August 2007

Another Project...


Euro-Trip (Part I)

1st August 2007

Taken Straight from my Travel Journal


Back in the States

25th July 2007

It's been a long trip...


I'm leaving...

3rd July 2007

...the country.

I'll be flying across the Atlantic on July 5th (That's two days) for a month-long trip across Europe. First, I'll fly from Virginia to Italy. From there, take a bus to France. And finally, I'll cross the Channel on the over-night ferry t*snip*


Tile Map Progress

1st July 2007

I am so very proud of myself right now. I've been hard at work on my tile map system, and so far, it has come out looking beautiful. Especially the grass...

At first the grass was just drawn on the tiles in MS Paint in such a way that it looked like a c*snip*



27th June 2007

I promised myself I'd never create a MySpace...so I got a facebook.

If you'd like to join me in the social networking goodness, my profile is here:

[url=https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=662008139]Nick's Profile[/url]


Bye Blog

6th May 2007

I just got word from poedgirl, who set me up with some free webspace for my site, nicksheets.com, that the server is down for good because of hardware failure. Well, I guess I got what I paid for.

I wish I could have saved some of my posts though...


Newest Member of the Family

3rd May 2007


This is Kiwi. She's a White's Tree Frog, and I just got her. I don't particularly like the name, but my friend chose it.


My SoCoder Theme

12th April 2007

I've been spending some time on my SoCoder Theme. I'm going for simple and uncluttered. I give you the first look at SoSilent Movie. Right click and 'view' to see the un-distorted image.



The Snakes Are Back!

12th March 2007

Some very nice pictures.


Why Google Maps Sucks

24th February 2007

Be careful when using Google's map service


Message in a Bottle

22nd February 2007

For the Animal Crossing fans...


All Night Code-a-Thon

25th November 2006

What's up with my project?

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