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Created : 05 February 2007
Edited : 04 February 2008
System : Windows
Language : Blitz Max

Vector's Revenge v1.1

Yar's Revenge Remake

VR v1.1 Windows/Mac/Linux
Original Yar's Revenge by Howard Scott Warshaw for the Atari 2600 - ©1981

Graphics & Code - Andrew Pointon/The Caffeine Kid
Sound Effects - Rockfistus
Title Music - Gordon King/Geekay


The object of the game is to destroy the blue base, by eating/shooting the barrier around him and then destroying him with your super missile.

The super missile is primed by touching the base (when it is blue/safe) or eating a barrier block.

Fire the super missile with fire, but be careful it is lined up behind your ship until it is launched.

The base is protected by a homing rocket that will try and destroy you, following you around the screen.

There is a safety zone (red and purple stripes) where you are safe from the rocket - but not safe from...The swirl.

The base becomes the swirl after short time and is then deadly to the touch. The swirl will charge for a moment in thet base position and then attack, flying across the screen towards you. Avoid it at all costs as the safety zone cannot protect you.

After you destroy the base (in it's safe form, base swirl or flying swirl) you will move to the next level which is slightly faster and has a different barrier configuration.


Shooting and destroying a barrier block gives a small score, eating a block gives a higher score.

Destroying the base with your super missile gives a different score depending on its form:-

Safe Base is lowest.
Base Swirl is middle.
Flying Swirl is highest.

There is no score for destroying the rocket with your super missile, and it will respawn.

Extra Lives are awarded every 50,000 points to a maximum of five.

Latest Update

Version 1.1 - Changed the way extra lives are awarded to attempt to balance the game, added a pause "P" key in the interests of sanity, added slight difference in difficulty curve.

Version 1.0 - Added joystick control, more levels, difficulty curve and online scores.

Version 0.8 - Excellent title music, and sound effects included now as well as fixing a few annoying bugs. Enjoy.

Version 0.5 - NO SOUND yet as I ran out of time before the deadline. Stay tuned for an update shortly.



Tuesday, 06 February 2007, 06:16
I saw a video of this somewhere earlier... your site maybe.

It was cool I downloaded it, but I wasn't very good!

Determined to do better now...

(Edit: Made it to level 2, but lost all my lives killing myself with my own rocket!)
Tuesday, 06 February 2007, 10:49
Yeah, good game, very retro style.
Wednesday, 07 February 2007, 02:25
Cheers guys - I hope you will upload some scores to the online board!