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Created : 24 August 2018
Edited : 24 August 2018
System : Windows
Language : Blitz Max


Create Titlecards semi-randomly

Windows Download (BlitzMax Source Included)
After I came to the conclusion that I could probably create a program to randomise the creation of my game logos, I then decided to create a program to randomise the creation of my game logos!

This is the result.

A program that randomses the creation of game logos!

You can Download the app here
Currently about half of what I intend this app to be, so it's still at v0.5

Any future updates will be the addition of gradients and other overlay style stuff like that..
But it's been a very busy day trying to get all this working, so I'll leave it at this point for now.

Let me know if you want more!!

View on YouTube


(Note : Click the screen first. MaxGUI seems to ignore input until you've clicked into the screen.)

Type (literally just type) to edit the intended title.
Click the - or | between words to switch between spaces or line breaks.
Click redraw to redraw! Woot!!

There's then a bunch of various randomisation buttons on the right. You don't have complete control, but can still fiddle about with vague random settings.
Layers to toggle which words appear on top/underneath.
Layout to shuffle the words around a bit
Colours to change the colours of words.
Palette to change the selected colour palette.
Basic Shadow options
and Font selection.

There's also a Randomise All button to let you go crazy!!


On the bottom left are Render buttons. I suggest you stick to the lower render buttons, which render to 1024x512 pixel pngs. There's a higher quality (HD - 2048x1024) set of buttons, but BlitzMax doesn't seem to like rendering massive fonts, and occasionally causes epic slowdown and massive CPU overuse, as it tries to draw them.

Render Logo will render the onscreen logo, bigger!!
Render Random will render a set of 10 completely random logos based on your text
Render Insane will render 10 completely made up logos with completely randomised titles.

Additional Tweakables

The colours.png image contains all the available colour palettes. Feel free to tweak those if you wish. 8 colours per palette.. 32 palettes.
Adding additional fonts into the fonts directory is probably also a good idea, but I've found that adding too many makes things a little less interesting, so be sure to pick good fonts.



Friday, 24 August 2018, 12:19
Just looking at the screenies, this looks pretty good. And its a good idea to boot - generatiing titles is always a PITA.
Friday, 24 August 2018, 12:42
This might be good as a webapp.I remember someone looking for a logo for his company through my brother once. Nice link to a donate button on it and voila
Friday, 24 August 2018, 13:02
Yeah, but then I’d have to host a bunch of fonts, and deal with png transparencies and all sorts of other stuff.
I seem to remember, just from making the little avabar renderer, that trying to get php to do that will be hell on earth!!!
Friday, 24 August 2018, 13:44
Would monkey be able to do it?
Friday, 24 August 2018, 13:46
I'm not sure you could get monkey to save the images. I've never attempted to do that, though. *shrugs*
Friday, 24 August 2018, 20:48
I think with Monkey you would need to make the export yourself. Maybe there is something that can be plugged in or so. File formats are something I never really got into. I tried to figure out the Extended Module format(.xm) once. It was doable with blitz basic but the instruments sound data I never even tried. There was a site called fileformats.com or so many years ago with docs with info on lots of file formats. Had the offsets and bytelenghts and ordering info etc.

I think Monkey2 also does not have any web ready saving features.

I stil want to make a web sprite editor one day so I wil try to figure that stuff out.