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Created : 20 October 2007
Edited : 15 April 2009
System : Windows
Language : Blitz

Mushroom RTS

Mushroom Buildings and Mushroom Men Fighting

Download Mushroom RTS
I made this game a long time ago, it isn't actually finished(as you'll see). The reason I stopped was because although it was slowly gaining features, I began to realise how bloated it was becoming. It was a good learning experience though, but too many excessive loops etc put me off fixing it, I'll probably do a remake using 3d sprites in the future.

- Game : Me
- Art : Me
- Netcode : BlitzPlay lite
- Fonts : Juicy fonts

Left Mouse - Select units(can drag boxes)/ menu selection planting buildings on ground/ Click minimap to move screen also
Right Mouse - Move units
X - Scatter selected units
S - Stop selected units
7 - Toggle unit coloured flags
5 - Spawns an enemy in your base to shoot at

SPACE - Create first 5 units, these are used to start you base.

Quick start - Place cursor in the middle of the water patches and hit space 5 times. Select one builder and build the big red mushroom on the ground next to him.
They will all help him build it.
When it is done(although buildings can make men as soon as they have more than half of their full health), select a builder and make him build one of the yellow mushrooms on a water patch, these collect water for your base.

Select the red mushroom and build a couple of each unit, the units with the axes collect wood and bring it back to the base, the units with a boulder in it's hands collects rocks and brings them to base, they can also throw the axes and boulders as weapons.

The other building can build archers.

The mushroom men with the axes can also build a big mobile drill thing designed to break enemy lines.


There is no AI yet, only multiplayer(and even that is buggy).

When you want to select a unit and already have a unit selected, you have to use a drag select on the unit or it will select both.

It's all hardcoded...

Probably more...I forgot a few.

If it gets a lot of interest I'll probably continue on with it



Sunday, 21 October 2007, 02:19
I'm interested! I've just had a play in single-player (IE, I host, and it's me, vs, well... no-one ), and I love it! Two of the best bits are:
1) It has mushrooms!
2) It actually runs at 30FPS on my computer! Not many games do that...

Well done! It would be great to see this with some AI!
Sunday, 21 October 2007, 03:23
Had a feeling you'd be the first to post hehe , I'll probably try AI then, would be good practise for me

Also what spec is your pc?
Sunday, 21 October 2007, 03:26
great looking game, this has some real potential

steamd 58-60 fps all the time here
Sunday, 21 October 2007, 05:52
power mousey
yeah, I had the Sixth Sense that Shroomie
would post here first too.

I see mushrooms--->
Sunday, 21 October 2007, 06:38
Tuesday, 23 October 2007, 09:48
still ove it, inspired me to start my own
Posted this so i could give you a 5 star rating
Friday, 26 October 2007, 03:49
Thanks again , I didn't know half the stuff I know now when I first started this program, I learned more about game programing in the few months to get as far as I did than in all the years before that.

I've almost started making an AI for it, by almost I mean, opening up the code, looking through it, thinking "im hungry", going off for something to eat, getting caught up doing something else then going to bed.