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Socoder -> Microsoft -> Xbox 360 NXE

Posted : Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 16:20
Today's been the big launch day of NXE.
Essentially a new frontend for the X360, that replaces the whole Blade system with a nice new fresh .. .. um.. Whatever they're calling it.
I think it's Channels.. but it's not proper channels, not like Nintendo..
This is pretty much turning the whole thing 90 degrees, so you go up and down, THEN left and right.
And they've shuffled all the menus around, so you have to retrain yourself on how to do... anything!

Still, there it is, all nice and new.

I had to redraw my JNKPlat backdrop to fit the newer minimal half-screen space.. The bottom half is taken up by a great big useless grey splodge that does absolutely bugger all.. Imagine your taskbar being the bottom half of the screen, and having to draw your desktop image to fit.

But otherwise it's ok.. I guess..

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Posted : Thursday, 20 November 2008, 01:12
Well I did some searching on Google and apparently this new 'Dashboard' will allow you to run games off of your HDD, decreasing load time. Yeay!

Afr0 Games

Project Dollhouse on Github - Please fork!
Posted : Thursday, 20 November 2008, 02:15
Installing a game to the HDD would be ok, if you could play the game from there, too. Unfortunately, you still gotta dig out the game each time.

Note : I've never minded digging out the game each time, and in fact I'd love it if PC games also worked from the disc, instead of gradually filling up my HD space with stuff that consoles don't.

It's just that PC = Game on HD, install *cough*, no need for disc. We're all used to that now! Get rid of the disc!

Of course, it's Piracy related, so.. you know.. .. Whatever!

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Posted : Thursday, 20 November 2008, 09:01
Actually, the games off HDD don't load appreciably faster, and in some cases go slower, from all I've read.
The main reason to do it is to save wear and tear on the optical drive, and to decrease the jet engine noise of the thing.

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Posted : Friday, 21 November 2008, 12:57
gta 4 likes to load stuff slower while in-game off the hdd for me.
seems alot buggier. kinda like when you played any of the ps2 gta's while the disk is scratched. (i.e buildings, walls etc not loading till you run into one )
Posted : Friday, 21 November 2008, 14:47
I've not bothered putting anything onto my Hard Drive... Seems a waste of time, to be honest.. Well, that and I've only got a 20Gig drive on there!!

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Posted : Friday, 21 November 2008, 19:34
I don't think it's so much of a problem if it's not faster. A game should run exactly the same across all the various models and setups of a particular console. Although I'm really surprised if it's slower.

My room mate has a 360 and he's loving the new dashboard and how much quieter it is.