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Thu, 30 Sep 2010, 08:37
Hi can anyone convert mine PASCAL code, to MIDLet Pascal, that i could use this program on mobile phone.

Thu, 30 Sep 2010, 09:19
You'll probably find it easier to redo the function from start.
Pascal assumes it's running in a DOS style command box, whereas MidletPascal is all about forms and things like that.

You could make a nice App out of this, if you wanted to, but don't expect a quick "flip'n'switch" transfer.

Try creating three input areas (a/b/c) to input the values, and then place the rest of the function into a loop, so that it can sum up the results in realtime, as you're inputting the values into the form itself.
Should be quite neat.

If I had MidletPascal installed (it's been a long while!) I could probably guide you better, but look into the form based stuff in MP's help file.

You basically just want to remove all those ReadLn and WriteLn functions, and swap with Form stuff (input for ReadLn, changable values for WriteLn), because the console commands won't work on a phone.

(I've repeated myself quite a bit there, but that's only to drum home the fact that phone!=dos, and you do need to reconstruct quite a bit of it, before it'll work.)

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Thu, 30 Sep 2010, 10:43
the biggest problem is, that i don't know what i need to switch ReadLn to (WriteLn = DrawText). If anyone can tell me what ReadLn = , i could edit this APP
Fri, 01 Oct 2010, 05:05
readln is like an Input command, right? You might wanna replace that with a text input box, and then use the value that is entered there.
Fri, 01 Oct 2010, 16:48
I just come to discover this forum dealing with MIDlet Pascal. And it's great.

There're some interesting tutorial a friend and i have written on MIDlet Pascal. They show how to begin with it, and how to do advance programing. Those tutorials are in french so you can use google translate to read them.
my stuff :darrylsite.developpez.com
friend link : krachik.developpez.com
If you want some example of program like mario sokoban, puzzle; you can visit my website : www.darrylsite.com/index.php?ref=source&lang=JPascal
Sun, 03 Oct 2010, 09:00
A modified example from MIDletPascal help...

Tue, 05 Oct 2010, 05:27
Pio, your app doesn't work, then i write in a, b, c it shows white screen and nothing more? Could you edit it?
Tue, 05 Oct 2010, 08:43
Why don't you try editing it. No point in not learning this stuff.

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Tue, 05 Oct 2010, 14:05
It works in my emulator... But maybe you typed 1 2 1 and got D=0? That possibility is not covered by program.