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Socoder -> Console Coding -> E3 2011

Thu, 09 Jun 2011, 02:28
What a crap E3.

Highlights include Nintendo's giant Dreamcast controller, which allows the kids to take their games into their rooms to play them alone, because, apparently, Nintendo forgot the whole fucking point of their own "We don't do Online" argument..
It'll play all those happy Nintendo games that you love, along with the generic shitty EA/Ubisoft/CodeByNumbers games that you just can't be arsed with anymore.

Sony showed off their "It's about fucking time!!" touchscreen PSP, with a slightly less stupid name than Nintendo's new thing.
It plays the same EA/Ubisoft/CodeByNumbers games you're already sick to death of playing, and Sony might release a Gran Turismo for it, some time in 2017.

Microsoft. .. Um.. I didn't look. Their thing was on at the same time as Apple's.

Apple's wasn't about games, and it wasn't at E3..
Yet, somehow, they've come out of it all looking the better hardware company out of the lot.
And they didn't show off any new hardware.

tsk, tsk, Nintendo. I expected better.
(But I DO still prefer your resistive touchscreen.. Stylus FTW!)

Oh, and Sega showed off a Sonic game.

''Load, Next List!''
Thu, 09 Jun 2011, 04:09
As an event, it was a bit of a non-event, wasn't it.

There were some nice previews, but nothing major. No big new potential franchises or anything that we haven't really seen before.

I'm a big Nintendo fan, and while they showed a couple of potential mini-games for the Wii U (I hate the name too), they really should have had something a bit meatier running on real hardware to show.

I really don't want the Wii U controller just to be the bottom part of a DS (map screen, item management etc.) otherwise it really is pretty pointless. If I want to play the machine in another room, I'd hook it up to the big tv in the other room. There is potential here, and some of the minis did look like fun, if only for about five minutes. It also looks just a tad too long to play comfortably. But that's just on looks alone.

However, I'll be first in the queue when it's released. Probably. Now, thing is, do I wait for Skyward Sword on Wii U or just get it on Wii (or is it just the same game disc but with added content available only on Wii U)? Hmmm...
Fri, 10 Jun 2011, 04:22
I just googled that Wii U controller, my first thought, was "what a stupid name!" but that doesn't seem to matter much with Nintendo products, people buy them regardless. Then when I seen it, I, well, It looks crap. Wasn't wirelessly
streaming video from the main console to a handheld something that Sony were going to do with the PS3/PSP? Anyway, I'm not going to refuse to ever buy the nest Nintendo, if it stays 100% backwards compatible with the Wii, then It's probably already on one of my xmas lists, but if this controller is the main selling point, then I don't really see the point.

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Fri, 10 Jun 2011, 04:58
I agree. I don't think the controller will really affect how games are played - the best idea for it is probably just having an inventory screen on it. Being able to have separate, private screens is nothing new, and we were already able to do that with the GBA/DS. I didn't watch E3, but apparently there was some game that showed exactly what was on the TV screen? Only when you turn around does it contain something different. (whatever is behind the character.) I honestly don't see the point.

And in golf, you put the new controller on the floor and it has a golf ball on it. You swing the normal Wii Remote and try to hit the golf ball. It seems like Nintendo had created the new controller, and had to think, "hmm, what are some fun new ideas we can use this for?" and drew up a blank.

Of course, I'm getting one anyway.