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Socoder -> Web Development -> Music Archive Website Thingy..

Posted : Sunday, 31 August 2014, 13:06
I've made a LOT of music, and it'd be nice to be able to do a nice big proper online archive.
I'm thinking along the lines of my "Jayenkai Archive", but for all my music.
A few years ago, I started to write one, but it's a wee bit messy, and kinda crappy, and doesn't do multi-track jukebox playing or anything like that.

It's kind of a big horrible mess, if I'm honest.

I'm currently considering doing a complete and total rewrite of the thing, but figured I should first see if anyone has any better, more stable, more easy to configure, premade "lazy-man's" music jukebox awesome thing...

Any suggestions?

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Posted : Tuesday, 02 September 2014, 14:11
Out of curiosity, what would be the purpose of such an archive?
I'm asking because in my head, I've been toying with the idea of a texture and sound website myself. For the purpose of letting game developers have free access to resources.
I think the idea came to me when I had been working on Project Dollhouse for a while, and I realized the absurdity in the fact that these resources (included in the client) could have been used by anyone to develop a game if not for the fact that EA retains the rights.
If the world's game companies had decided to collectively rent out the licenses to their unused/abandoned resources for a small sum of money, think about how that would revolutionize the indie game development world!
Obviously I've never had the time of day to put this idea into fruition, but I'm still curious...

As a side note, I am aware that there are other sites out there such as Open Game Art, but typing "game resources free" into Google yields 36 million results. It'd be nice if there was one go to place for this, such as "gameresources.com", where you could get free graphics, sounds and music, as well as perhaps license stuff for commercial use.

Afr0 Games

Project Dollhouse on Github - Please fork!
Posted : Tuesday, 02 September 2014, 14:37

*shrugs*. I'm just a hoarder, I guess!!

If I mention one of my games, I can link to it easily, but if someone asks about any of the tunes.. It's badly organised, missing tracks, and is generally a great big chaotic mess.
I'd like to do things properly, reorganise my music, add links to "games this tune was featured in", add playlist generation, and allow easy to access downloads, too.
Basically, I'd like folk to be able to consume my music in the same way they do my games.
After a good couple of days of searching, I've come to the inevitable conclusion that, as per bloody usual, it's going to be easier to redo the entire smegging thing myself.
I have a lot of really specific requirements that no script I've found yet, has managed to include.
Whether that's because I'm a picky bastard, or because others have tried and failed, remains to be seen.

But things like cross-links between game and music archives, Preset playlists for certain games/themes, and maybe even user playlist generation seem like fairly simple, yet oddly missing features.
It would also be nice if people could create a playlist, then hit a download button that zips up all the mp3s, and creates a downloadable archive.

I've started planning out and jotting down notes of "must needs" and things, and am considering writing it in small chunks, and then maybe blogging about the progress and development. It'd make for an interesting series, I reckon..

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Posted : Tuesday, 02 September 2014, 16:00
What are your feelings of people using your music without permissionin (or without reference credits)in their own apps/games Jay?

I know I've used your music in one of my games (Frootopia), with your permission and fully credited, but what license are you considering/using?

The moment you put stuff onto a website people see it as "free" and available for them to use how they wish without credit or permission, but you might be OK with that.

Are you wanting to make your music into a jukebox type system or have downloads available as well?

If the latter, I'f definitely include a donation button and suggested (token?) value for the use of each piece if they want to use them in their own games. You might even earn yourself enough to buy a bag of chips or something.
Posted : Tuesday, 02 September 2014, 16:35
It would be lovely to get paid for generating all this content, but the reality is indeed that if people see a download button, they think "Alright, I'll use that, then!!"
If I wasn't comfortable with that, I wouldn't be shoving all my content online.
God only knows how much stuff is out there, from sprites, sound effects, music, the lot..

I'll probably add a "Credit me, you lazy fucktard" disclaimer on the site, (Much like Incompetech has) but otherwise I tend to be of the "If I'm happy to put it online, then that's pretty much the end of any arguments" mindset. And I wouldn't have put everything that I have, online, without being comfortable with that.

The only "HANDS OFF!!" rule I have is basically around Platdude or any of my other mascot characters. I'd happily bring along my Afr0 Machete to that fight..

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Posted : Wednesday, 03 September 2014, 01:11
You know what, Jay? If you're going to be doing this, why not put it on a URL that makes sense and not make it specifically about the music (add categories for other stuff as well)?
Heck, I'd even buy the domain for you* - gameresources.com/net/org or something!!
Seems needless and kind of a waste to add to the growing list of individual sites with individual content when you can put it all in one place!

*Been wanting to do this a long time myself, but haven't had the time.

Afr0 Games

Project Dollhouse on Github - Please fork!
Posted : Wednesday, 03 September 2014, 02:29
"A URL that makes sense"
... The Music from AGameAWeek games would be at https://AGameAWeek.com/music

Doesn't get more sensible than that..

Feel free to build a mega emporium where people can post their own assets, but be aware that if one person posts a spriterip, or uploads a commercial mp3, the entire site could be taken down by a single copyright claim. It's a very messy thing, and should be incredibly heavily moderated.

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