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Socoder -> Mobile Gaming -> Fastest Tablets?

Posted : Wednesday, 08 April 2015, 15:35
I just wondering which one is Fastest Tablets? I seem think it is Nvidia Shield Tablet(I am not sure about their CPU) but I do know they have most Powerful GPU(Graphics processing Unit)

P.S. It look like I need new Ipad to played latest game because FM Classic(Which is coming out tomorrow!) wont work on my oringal Ipad(as it not powerful enough!)
Posted : Wednesday, 08 April 2015, 15:41
Truth be told it probably is powerful enough, but apple won't let you upgrade the os version.

You could grab an ipad mini 1 or 2 and I'm sure that would do the trick. I'm still rocking an iPad 4 over here.

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Posted : Wednesday, 08 April 2015, 15:47
FM CLASSIC 2015 only work on Mini Ipad 2 or 3(it show compatable with powerful tablets here https://www.footballmanager.com/content/what-devices-are-compatible-fmc15 ) and I got the original one(I had for it 2 years!)

There video of FM Classic 2015 on tablets

It look really good in 3D Matches and it seem most FM players are moving away from PC I guess.

I will be getting new High End Tablets(possibly mini ipad 3) soon
Posted : Wednesday, 08 April 2015, 15:57
FM Classic?! (Ooh, ok..)

Personally, I went iPad and never looked back, so have owned iPad 3 (now belongs to Uncle Jimmy) Air 1 (Now Mum's) and Air 2 (My current one)

iPad 3 struggles a bit with iOS7+. It seems it's not quite capable of keeping up with it's own retina display, and trying to do all that fancypants blurring malarkey..
iPad 1, although probably capable given it's lower resolution, has probably been held back for simpler "gimme da moneiz!" Apple reasonings.

Android based stuff, I'd say anything modern would probably be pretty powerful. As long as you go for at least the £200 mark, as opposed to the £100 mark, you're bound to get a mighty powerful device.

And as for Windows tablets, I simply wouldn't bother at all. I've had nothing but issues with my Windows Phone, (it's a good camera!!) and that's put me off an RT Windows Tablet. The only viable obtion, IMO, is a full blown Surface Pro tablet, but those are insanely overpriced. You could get TWO iPads for the price of those things!!!

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Posted : Wednesday, 08 April 2015, 16:00
FM Classic 2015? Football Manager Classic

It coming on High End Tablets tomorrow store!
Posted : Wednesday, 08 April 2015, 16:01
... I remember the days when an Amstrad CPC could handle a Football Manager.. Kids these days! They're not happy unless everything's smooth, shiny and glittery!!!

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Posted : Wednesday, 08 April 2015, 16:15
Whilst I completely agree with Jay on the windows phone side of things, (my windows phone got ditched and I'm back on my S3) My bro bought one of those mini windows tablets that has the full version of Windows 8 on it a few months ago. I think it was one of the "Lynx" branded ones for about £70 or so.

It's not going to be anything stellar performance wise but could be worth a looksie around.

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Posted : Wednesday, 08 April 2015, 16:29
When I was kid, I used played Kevin Tom Football Manager on ATARI. The game itself was quite hard when you build a team to get promote next Divisions. It was written in BASIC!

I been playing all Football manager game in the past like

Football Manager 1 and 2(Kevin Tom)
Football Manager World Cup(That is the worse game!)
Tracksuit Manager(Quite good game!)
Ultimate Soccer Manager(good game for Amiga but too easy! The Music is really good)
The Manager(good game for Amiga but it is Hard game thought once promote next Divisions!)
League Challenge(Atari 65XE!)
Kenny Dalish Soccer Manager(Atari 65XE - quite good game for Budget)
Champ Manager 93/94(Amiga) /97/98/99/00/01/02(PC)
Champ Manager Itaian(Amiga)
Premier Manager 1 and 2(Amiga)
Champ Manager 2(It was so simple and I have say it is best ever..as flow of game is so great and speed through season so fast)
Football Manager(Sport Interactive) FM 2005 to 2015(FM 2010 is the best Version for me)
Sensible World of Soccer 96/97(Amiga)
FIFA Manager(PC) - Played it once and unstalled it LOL Crap!

What is the Hardest FM game? FM 2009 as it is impossible to win away from Home as doesnt matter what tactic you choose .
Posted : Thursday, 09 April 2015, 06:05
I've got a Hudl 2 - the one from Tesco, which is an incredibly good machine for just £99.00.

It feels nice and sturdy and has run everything I've thrown at it so far at full speed. It's battery life though is nowhere near what they state - 8hours. I get about three per charge, but I do play a lot of Plants vs Zombies 2, which is very intensive, as well as lots of reading.