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Posted : Thursday, 14 June 2018, 03:49

#370 - News, Bam ba Lam

Weekly Newsletter

; News - Bam ba Lam

#370 - Friday 15th June, 2018

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; Hello World

I apologise if the Epic Youtube Section is a little lacklustre this week.
I've been mostly watching all the E3 stuff.
The events themselves, and then SpawnWave, Arlo and other youtuber's posting their thoughts and comments.
Yeah, that’s pretty much all the Tubage I’ve been watching, this week.

I stayed up most of last night waiting to see what glorious thing JackBox Games were going to unveil, but in the end it all just seems like another "Can't play it alone" game that I'll add to the list of games that I can't properly enjoy.
Bah, humbug..

The E3 Thread


; Compressed Music

Rychan has a REALLY productive Tuesday, and manages to compress his Gameboy Music project into an infinitely smaller amount of space!

; Size of a Pixel

When is a pixel not a pixel? When you’re coding in the 21st century!
With all the image scaling, resolution tweaking and more, you just can’t be certain of what's going to end up being displayed in front of the player's eyes.
Spinal battles with dots!

; Pixel Results

Later, Spinal shows us the results of his pixel doodling, with a handy pixel doodler!
A bunch of Javascript for the purpose of making an onscreen, in-browser, pixelart doodling box.


Dan stumbles across a showcase, with a broken link.
"The webpage is not accessible" he states.
Dang it.
I hate dead links, especially when they’re on my own site.

I've spent most of the past couple of months going, page by page, through the entirety of AGameAWeek, fixing all the old links, rewriting all the old html image tags to BBCode, and reconnecting old downloads to their new homes.
It's been quite a while, and I’m up to page... 380... out of about 5000!!!

I’m not really sure I want to start doing that for SoCoder, too..
I’m currently wondering if I could, somehow, community-drive the whole thing. .. maybe get the site to create a long list of urls, and then stick them into a database of sorts..?

Anyhoo, in the meantime, here's the broken showcase.
If anyone knows of a newer version of it, be sure to let me know.


; All About The Bass

Jay buys some Sony headphones, and then very quickly remembers why he doesn’t buy a lot of Sony products.
There's, like, almost NO midtones in these things...

; Watching the Delivery

Whilst waiting for the delivery, Jayenkai notices that Amazon seem to have added real-time GPS tracking to their standard fleet of deliveries.


Jobs are being lost all over the place.
The chief head bloke of saying things, at Barclays Bank, has claimed that fucktons of "keyboard jobs" are at risk, with all the recent advancements in technology.
And it's true. Nowadays I can hardly tell the difference between a hand written request for me to review a game at AGameAWeek, and one that's been automatically generated.
The robots are taking over!


Meanwhile, in a real-world case, the very company that Spinal works for is going into liquidation, meaning he's more than likely about to lose his job.

And in a bizarre case of pure coincidence, one of this week's polls asked..
Which is Better?
Job or No Job

Bonus Link

; Bubble

New audio scripted sci-fi podcast..?

Short Tube

; Gin

View on YouTube

; Cake


; Speedup

Someone needs a speed boost..

; Copenhagen

Brent goes on a proper vacation

; Singalong

Two old men having a sing song.

Lengthy Tube

; Kablammo

Adam upgrades his weapon

View on YouTube

; Trump Meets Kim

...and this is WHY Adam's upgrading his weapon

; Walking

Barry goes for a walk.
.. a 30 mile walk!!

; Making Waves

Julian builds a kit

70s Cover Corner

View on YouTube




And, via the magic of the Youtube Time Machine...


Vs 2017

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube





VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube




..or for that classic early 90s Acid-trip vibe...

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