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Posted : Friday, 10 May 2019, 06:53

Saints Row 3 on Switch

I felt like I could do with a new "aimless wandering" game. I'm nowhere near finished the actual story of ZeldaBOTW, but I've certainly played more than enough of it.

SR3 came out on Switch, today, so I figured I'd give it a go.

The "unskippable initial story" starts with you doing a big gunfight in a bank, being on a vault, getting captured, then somehow ending up on a plane, shooting more, diving out of the plane, doing skydiving, more shooting whilst skydiving, and eventually landing to "safety".

To say my motion sickness was struggling is an understatement.
The skydiving, in particular, was horrendous as the enemy encircled you and you have to spin the camera around and around and around..

Once on the ground, the first "mission" begins, with all the tutorialy bollocksy popups showing up all over the screen.
"Use the phone to set a gps target"
"Go to the target"
"Now go to the next target"
"Now another gunfight"
"Now use the drone........"

The drone fires missiles. You need to shoot the tanks with the missiles to protect the helicopters.

...via the method of spinning the camera around and around and around.
The image is entirely in grayscale because .. you know.. modern flying drones with infinite missiles don't do colour..
The image also has really pronounced scanlines to make it look "authentic".
And spinning and spinning and spinning..
With lots of white tanks hiding behind white crates on light grey roads with white explosions all over the place.

"The helicopter was destroyed"..
About 5 times, each time forcing me to restart the drone thing again.

More and more greyscale swirly shit.

I couldn't tell what was going on. I couldn't stomach the swirlyness and I gave up.
Hitting the quit button I was given the option to retry or quit outright.
Retry puts me right in front of the "use the drones" place.
Quitting outright places me back at the point where I need to do the "follow the tutorial" bollocks, that inevitably leads back to the swirly vomit inducing drones stuff..

Guess that's that, then.

What a fucking waste of money that was.

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Friday, 10 May 2019, 08:14
I had that back when I got my PSP.

I bought a game called Dante's Inferno and was able to play a couple of minutes until I got to some kind of boss fight that I was never able to beat. I also never found any walkthrough or tips online how to get past that part. What a waste.