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Socoder -> Art and Sound -> Pixaki

Posted : Friday, 11 October 2019, 07:42


Woke up this morning to find that SpriteSomething on iPad would no longer load.
I don't know why. I've tweaked and poked at the iOS settings, but.. Short of deleting and reinstalling it, I don't think there's much I can do. And I'd rather not lose all the stuff I've done in it, so .. I'm going to just leave it and hope for a miracle update.

Meanwhile, then, how do I do a morning Pixelart?!
I scowered the net, and the current "BEST!" for pixelart was apparently Pixaki, whose name I have to look for, every time I type it, because I can't currently remember it.

£25!?! For a Pixelart tool?
Having glanced through all the "free" alternatives (all of which appeared to be exactly the same, off the shelf code, recompiled under hundreds of different names) I jumped in, paid the 25 fucking quid, and hoped for the best.

.. It's not the best.
Or at least, it's not as good as SpriteSomething, IMO.

But it does at least have all the essentials, and each individual sprite in a spritesheet can have its own multiple layers, which is handy.

Exports to png and handles multiple projects and multiple sprites per project.
Standard tools : Pixel plotter, eraser, flood, rect/oval, and colour dropper thing.
Has a handy Palette, and the ability to save/share your own palettes.

The RGB sliders work backwards.. Right for 0, Left for 255.. Not sure what that's about.
Brush sizes work nicely, but are all square and square only, so no circle brushes.

Missing Feature
SpriteSomething allowed you to set the opacity of the brush, so you could add progressive amounts of highlights, or scribble some green grass textures, or whatever.
This doesn't have that.
You have to draw to a layer, then set the layer to be an opacity, but that only gives you ONE amount of opacity, not a nice smooth/scribbled gradient of opacity.

Otherwise it's alright.

Was it worth £25?
Fuck no.
But I was in a right pickle, this morning, and needed something good!

I've sent my "Opacity Brush" request to the author, and am hoping it might appear in a future update.. *shrugs*

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Posted : Friday, 11 October 2019, 08:10
Pakz' asked for "Tiling", and .. No.. None of that. It's sprites and nothing more.

IMO, SpriteSomething is fantastic, but right now it's inaccessible to me. *cries*

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Posted : Friday, 11 October 2019, 08:21
When I read once the tool had no line feature it kind of made things clear that it was not the most advanced.

I have aseprite on steam so I do not really need a perfect editor for the ipad. But it would be nice if there was one.
Posted : Friday, 11 October 2019, 08:27
It does have lines.. Lines are in the Shapes button along with Rects and Ovals.
Maybe it was added after the previous person reviewed it?

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Posted : Friday, 11 October 2019, 08:38
Yes, it was added later on. This was before the studio version.
Posted : Friday, 11 October 2019, 09:36
Why not make your own? Give it all the features you need for yourself?

Check out my excellent homepage!
Posted : Friday, 11 October 2019, 09:38
I've half started a browser based one, but can't quite decide on the best load/save method, so.. kinda gave up!!

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Posted : Saturday, 12 October 2019, 04:37
This morning an iPadOS Update brought with it..
Back from the dead, and hopefully returned for good.

(I assume it was entirely Apple's fault. They probably fudged the beta, yesterday.)

I'll probably stick with Pixaki for doing Daily Platdude Pixelart, though.
I think it'll probably help me to draw things in a slightly different style, which might help somewhat with the new phase of Platdude's life (what with having seen his homeworld destroyed by a giant meteor, and having to escape to a moon-base, whilst searching the cosmos for a new home planet for the survivors of his planet... .. It's been a chaotic month for Platdude!)

But I'm definitely going to back up what I can from SpriteSomething, whilst I can.
I do love SpriteSomething.
It pretty much does everything!

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Posted : Saturday, 12 October 2019, 04:58
It was crashing often on my ipad 2017 and 2018. I might check if it stil does this.

Are you on beta or is it a current update. My ipads are not in reach right now.
Posted : Saturday, 12 October 2019, 05:01
iPadOS Public Beta 13.2 (v1) is what broke SpriteSomething.
iPadOS Public Beta 13.2 (v2!) is what fixed it!

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Posted : Sunday, 22 December 2019, 16:13
In just started pixie studio and noticed it has been updated. It now can be used to create entire sheets. It used to be limited to small sprites and animations. I tested it with a canvas of 256x256 and found I could draw in each cell. The grid can be set, there are two of them. I set it to 16x16 and the 1x1 which only shows when zoomed in real close.

The preview window is not that useful with the method yet and I contacted the programmer. He is quite responsive and fixed a couple of things I mentioned before. I hope he wil be able to add some way of zooming inside the preview window so I can see the current cell I am working on.

I was looking for another option before for my pixelart on the ipad but the price of pixaki really is high. I think I can use pixie studio now for entire sheets.

Btw. Pixel studio has been gaining traction I noticed but I had not noticed it having sheet editing.

I bought pixel studio. I am suprised at how good it is. The pc version is free. The ios version 9 euro. Seems like it is very feature rich.
Posted : Saturday, 18 January 2020, 05:07
100 days later.
Still using Pixaki for the Daily Platdude Pixelarts.
I'm occasionally hopping back over to Sprite Something for little bits and pieces, but mostly everything is now being done in Pixaki.

The dev emailed me a while back and we back'n'forthed about a few additions, most notably the idea of adding opacity to brushes.
.. He's not updated the app since then, so I can only hope he's knee-deep in the middle of implementing such a thing.. !?!
We'll see.

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