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Posted : Friday, 13 December 2019, 01:49

Book - ''Make your own pixel art'' by No Starch press

I happened to find a couple of books for learning how to draw pixel art. There were 2 books. 1 Book was more than 50$ and was mentioned beeing overpriced. The other one was 22Euro here for the paper edition on the dutch amazon store here.

I ordered it after reading the reviews on it and looking inside using the amazon preview feature. Everything looked like it would be a useful book but I was worried that the quality of the writing and art would be a little low.
It took only 3 days before I got the book in my hands.

I was pleasantly surprised that the graphics inside and the writing quality was top notch! I spend almost 3 hours reading through it.

The beginning of the book is about Aseprite. It shows the basics on how to use it. There were a couple of things that I learned from that.

Then I arived at the Shading shapter. "Using darker colors to depict shadows in artwork is known as shading." was a quote from the book. In the previous book I bought online I had missed a chapter like this. I learned a bit about primitives and how to shade them and combine them and shade them!

There were more interesting things inside the book. A short section on 1, 2 and 3 point perspective. A short bit on how to create and use contour lines for helping you shade your art.

There was a part on tiles and how to create them. I learned abouthow to create a PLus sign to create tiles for most applications. There was a part on how to draw portraits.

I am not dissappointed with the book. There really is not a lot on pixel art to be found. This book has 200 pages. The art quality inside is not the best of the best but it is pro level imo. There is a lack of details talking about things like technical names for techniques that are inside the Pixel Logic book. Anti Alliasing for instance is not written about.

The price here was 22Euro. This was including the delivery costs.

Becourse I am satisfied with this book I might look at ordering that other more expensive book later on. Anything I might learn from that would help eventually.

If you wish to learn pixel art or further yourself with it than I think this book is worth it.

Ps - I have spend 3 hours drawing after reading the book so I think the book also motivates!

Link to the kindle edition : 12$