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Socoder -> Hardware and Technology -> iPad Air 4

Posted : Friday, 22 October 2021, 06:09
Guys.. Don't install iOS Beta onto your iPhing, then try to switch to a new iPhing.. The backups are a RIGHT fucking pain in the arse..

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Posted : Friday, 22 October 2021, 06:09
You have to set up the new iPad as a blank slate, then log into your iCloud account, set up the beta provision, wait for the download, wait for the install, THEN it'll let you do the restore.. (After you've disabled Find My, of course..)

New iPad : Air 4
Reason : Mum's iPad fucked up, early yesterday. Completely unable to boot.
For the past few weeks she's been complaining that the battery was taking longer and longer to charge, but yesterday it gave up, and hasn't been able to as much as show that "Red Charging Battery" symbol when you plug it in.
She was originally all "I can do without.. I'll be fine.. " then within about 10 minutes started to realise all the things she no longer had access to.

Had to go for the iPad Air 4, because the Pro was ever so slightly out of my "Oh my god, I've bought so much, this year" price range.
Thank god Amazon do a pay-monthly scheme..

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Posted : Friday, 22 October 2021, 06:32
.. Additional : Be sure you ACTUALLY back up your Mum's devices, and not just make a folder where the backup's going to go, but not actually do the backup and put the backup into that folder...

Had to redo Mum's new (my old) iPad from scratch, and .. good grief, trying to find all the old games she liked, and things like that!!!
She's also quite upset that all her highscores have had to have been reset.

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Posted : Friday, 22 October 2021, 10:07
Wow, how horrible. I came very close to spending thousands of dollars on one of the new maxed out M1 Macbook Airs since the processor sounded so good, and they had gone back to a functional keyboard. Last minute, something told me not to and I am glad as the screens are cracking and Apple refuses to replace them under warranty.

Apple has become an embarrassment since Steve Jobs died, as there are so many hardware issues he never would have allowed on the market, or software issues. When he was alive, the shit pretty much just worked.

Meanwhile, my first-gen Kindle Fire works fine, although I never use it. I have considered getting one of the new Fire HD 10 Plus.
Posted : Friday, 22 October 2021, 10:26
I grabbed an M1 Air, and *touch wood* it's been perfectly fine.
And fast.
And mmmmmmm ...

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Posted : Friday, 22 October 2021, 11:57
I was so torn, but with my luck, I would have had a screen issue. I ended up buying this Lenovo. I am quite happy with it.
Posted : Friday, 22 October 2021, 15:14
The ipad air 2020 has a A14 cpu. In certain workloads it is faster than the previous ipad pro I had read.

I just updated the ipad pro 2021 to the new ipados. I noticed apps can now use 6gb of the 8gb total. Up from 5 gb. The 1tb ipad pro's can use 12gb per app I think. Those models do cost 2000 euro's.

It was trying to create a huge png image on the ipad but after the update it stil was not able to do so. 36000 by 36000 pixels.
Posted : Friday, 22 October 2021, 16:17

The keyboard is a little more fleshed out, than on a regular 4:3 iPad. It now has a caps lock key. This seems.. umm. redundant..?
I mean, don't get me wrong, nice to have another standardised keyboard button, but.. Double-shift has been the Caps Lock since before iOS was even called iOS..
Meanwhile, there's no Ctrl/Alt/Option/etc button on the keyboard.
What's that about?!

If you hit the "symbol lock" button, the caps lock becomes an undo/redo button, which is handy.
I'd still like to be able to do two-key copy/paste/etc commands, though.
(I'm aware you can add downloadable keyboards, but .. I don't think I'd trust one!)

Pro : Epic sound. Amazing how much of a difference it makes having the stereo speakers in landscape mode, instead of the usual portrait.
Also. Quite quite loud compared to the previous one. 1% volume is too loud to fall asleep to!!!

Con : Oh, fuck, I forgot about the missing headphone jack....

Pro : USB-C port, though goodness knows what I'd use it for, other than charging, and the inevitable Headphone dongle I'll have to buy. Still, there it is!!!

Con : No Home button. I'm having to swipe to do things, already, switching between YouTube and the next Newsletter, is become a frustration due to muscle memory trying to double tap the home button.

So.. um..
Yeah, it's an iPad.
Does the same as the last, but with a few bits being faster.

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Posted : Saturday, 23 October 2021, 05:49
My Logitech K400+, the one I use for coding on Switch, works great on the iPad, with the Media buttons doing their duty, and the trackpad even working as a mouse.

...not that I'd use it for that, but it's nice to have things that just plug in and work.
Aaah, usb!!!

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