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Posted : Friday, 19 November 2021, 13:19
Is/was Bob Ross popular on the other side of the pond?
Posted : Friday, 19 November 2021, 13:19
He was definitely on tv, I remember watching him and being quite intrigued.. but on a weird cable channel. (TLC! The Learning Channel, iirc)
I don't think he ever became a "big thing" at the time. He is now, with internet fame paving the way. BBC Four now show his reruns, daily..

Here in the UK, we had Tony Hart and Neil Buchanan.

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Posted : Friday, 19 November 2021, 16:18
I loved Bob Ross' show. It was sooo relaxing and cheerful. His paintings were excellent, if a bit sterile/devoid of life (there were never any people or animals in his paintings). Even though none of them was a real place - they always looked like they could be.

It's re-run on another free to air channel too, not just BBC Four.

I still remember "Paint Along With Nancy" from when I was a kid too. I loved that too (even if her artwork wasn't actually very good!).

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But yeah, Tony Hart in his various shows and Neil (Scouse) Buchannon wewre bigger than Bob Ross - but tbf, they were aimed at kids, whereas Bob Ross was more for uni students and adults.

I've always loved the arty shows.
Posted : Saturday, 20 November 2021, 06:14
Tony Hart is lovely I wrote him a letter and drew him a picture when I was like 3 years old and he replied

Love the art attack guy too

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Posted : Saturday, 20 November 2021, 06:29
I still don't remember Bob Ross. I liked watching Take Hart, Art Attack and Rolf's Cartoon Club back in the day and I was right proper pissed off when it was announced what Rolf Harris did and that has tainted a part of my kidulthood in the process.
Posted : Saturday, 20 November 2021, 07:46
Yeah Rolf was a bit of a hero to most Brits growing up, but then so was Jimmy Savile. Just goes to show, you never know...
Posted : Saturday, 20 November 2021, 08:25
Jimmy Savile gave me the creeps even before anything was said about him.
Posted : Sunday, 21 November 2021, 22:32
I used to always watch Bob Ross if I caught him on PBS. I enjoyed it, and it was interesting.

However, in the last eight years or so, I have become a huge fan of him, as a person, not just his work. Carolyn bought me two pairs of long johns (top and bottoms) that were his Happy Trees. Then they also had some sleep/lounge pants that were Happy Trees. Carolyn bought me two pair of those, and last month when they had them out again, I bought three more pair. I guess all mine are knockoffs. Three winters back they had officially licensed sleep pants, but last winter and this winter, they are knockoffs.

I do not mind, and I do not think Bob would mind, as his name, likeness and everything was kinda ripped away from him by friends/business associates that really took advantage of him and the situation when he was still alive and dong the shows.

That said, I do have some officially licensed things, little talking bobble heads with mini easels with various paintings. Last year, Carolyn bought ma a lovely desk calendar, but I did not get to use it. But, I will be looking at it. Two weeks ago, I bought a wall calendar.

I just really love the guy and his work. Relaxing and soothing. Just wondered if he was popular over there. Guessing the merchandising is pretty much limited to the states.