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Socoder -> Killer Bites -> Soup Maker

Posted : Tuesday, 31 May 2022, 05:52

Soup Maker

Hadn't ever considered a Soup Maker before. It's soup. It's not hard.

A couple of days ago, Mike Jeavons made some soup. He chopped up some veg, chucked it in, added some milk+water, then waited 20 minutes.

Ooooh, it looked good..
When Mum makes soup, the oniony smell of it cooking ALL DAY lingers and knocks me sick.

20 minutes I could put up with, right?!

£40 later, let's give it a go.
Mum peeled and chopped a couple of potatoes, a carrot and an onion, all in the time it took me to chop a single stick of celery because my hands are shaky as hell and it was bloody hard doing even that.

Threw it all in up to the "min" level (800ml), added a couple of stock cubes, then topped it up with cold water up to the "max" level. (1ltr)
Lid on, power on, "Smooth" "Start", and we're off.
19 minutes later, soup was ready.

10/10, will have it again. (And will be... Mum's dying to show it off to her Sister who'll be visiting tomorrow!)

£40 well spent.
It can also do chunky soups, as well as smoothie drinks, and even standard blender'y things, too.

Amazon Link

Expect the odd "And then we tried putting x/y/z in!" posts in future.

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Posted : Tuesday, 31 May 2022, 06:27
Ohhhh and it looks fairly compact too, might pick one up.

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!

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Posted : Tuesday, 31 May 2022, 06:39
It's 2 decent servings of soup, though (1ltr > 2 x Heinz Tins of soup) so if you're making for yourself, you'll probably want some type of container to store the other half in the fridge for later.
Maybe pick up a couple of tubs/sealable cups/otherwise. (You know the ones.. the ones you swore you put into the cupboard, but are never there when you need them, or their lids have vanished into the same portal that takes your odd socks)

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Posted : Tuesday, 31 May 2022, 06:50
Noice, does it do cold smoothies though?
Posted : Tuesday, 31 May 2022, 06:54
Yeah.. um.. I think.. I assume the Smoothie mode is cold...!?
I'll have to try out the smoothie mode.
Nothing I fancy in a smoothie in the house, right now. Apple smoothie?!
I'll buy some bananas, and give it a try tomorrow.

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Posted : Tuesday, 31 May 2022, 07:05

Reading up, it won't do frozen fruit in a smoothie. You have to thaw the frozen fruit first.
It also, due to its size, will be using a whole sodding tub of yoghurt in one go!!
Yeah, I'll probably stick to my little ninja chopper thing to do those.

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Posted : Tuesday, 31 May 2022, 07:47
I was reading some reviews over at Amazon. One Soup Maker made the noise of a worker drilling into concrete!

I'm currently just into cans of soup. Added with a bag of soup and snack pearls.
Posted : Friday, 03 June 2022, 06:32
Had three days of the same soup....
it doesn't take a lot to make the soup, so when you buy veg down at Tesco you end up with about a week's worth!!

Today's soup was marginally different.
A bag of mixed sliced peppers, two potatoes, celery, onion, and some frozen mixed veg. (It's ok doing frozen when doing soup, since it boils it all first.)

Tasted very pea-ish.. but with a nice pepper twang to it!
Seemed a lot thicker, today.

.. and every pea-ish

Think I need to buy some plain black/brown pepper, now.
The peppercorns in the crushy thing ends up too ... "sweet" or something? Better on chips. Need some plainer pepper.

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Posted : Saturday, 04 June 2022, 06:21
Soup of the Day!

We soaked some lentils for about half an hour, added potatoes celery, some frozen mixed veg, and onion, and a chicken stock cube, then tried out the Chunky mode!!!

.. it was .. alright... the chunky mode didn't quite cook the veg enough. Smaller dices needed in future!
We also hadn't given the lentils enough time to soak. So, we'll need to leave them a few hours next time.

Overall, wasn't the best! Need more practice for Chunky mode!

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Posted : Sunday, 05 June 2022, 05:36
Soup of the day

Tomato, lentils, potato and carrot?
Probably could've done with less stuff in it. It was incredibly thick.

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Posted : Wednesday, 08 June 2022, 05:34
Sorry, I forgot to post yesterday's soup. (We didn't have soup on Monday. Mum was out!)
Yesterday's soup was a retry of the tomato soup which was too thick the other day.
Unfortunately we scaled back too much, and it ended up too watery.
Try again!!!

Today, celery, potatoes, carrots, onion.. back to basics!!!
Very celery'y today.

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