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Posted : Saturday, 04 June 2022, 13:58

Logitech Pop mechanical keyboard(bluetooth)

I have a old mini bluetooth keyboard. It stil works fine on my devices. I did however order a new one.

Logitech has a bluetooth mechanical mini keyboard.


The batteries are said to last around a year. It fits in a backpack. And the keys make a click sound. It costs 99 euro's for the one without the mouse. I wil have the yellow one tomorrow.

I'm not sure how a mechanical mini keyboard wil be like when using a ipad. I have been using the old one more and more the last couple of weeks. Why not try a mechanical one?
Posted : Saturday, 04 June 2022, 14:20
The whole "OMG Mechanical" thing baffles me.
I can type just fine on the iPad's touchscreen. Why are people always banging on about "good" keyboards?

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Posted : Saturday, 04 June 2022, 14:34
With the onscreen keyboard I have a lot of trouble copying text. It is almost impossible to copy a source file from github. The select all popup does not work in there. I need to select and slowly scroll up to the top and hope it does not deselect. Try that with a large source file

With a keyboard I can just do the button combination to select all and then either copy or paste. A lot of itch.io games for the browser require a real keyboard too. (Cursor keys)

I have a older larger mechanical keyboard in a other room. It is cabled. I really notice the difference with the cheaper ones. I bought that one after the plastic one had some keys that would not press down that well and got stuck. The mechanical ones remind me of those old pc keyboards.

At least I know those mechanical ones should be of higher quality. One review of a cheaper bluetooth keyboard mentioned the keys broke after a couple of months.
Posted : Saturday, 04 June 2022, 15:15
For as much as I've used it, my little (quite big and hefty and sturdy) Texet keyboard was great.
My main issue with it was that I kept trying to prod a vertical screen, and that knackered my wrist!!!
IMO, worry less about the keyboard, and more about a mouse!

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Posted : Tuesday, 07 June 2022, 07:30
The keyboard arrived a couple of hours ago. It failed to deliver on Sunday. Monday was a religious holiday. No deliveries.

I unpacked. Removed that paper blocking the batteries. And it connected straight away.

The keyboard is heavy. It feels great typing. I have been coding for a couple of hours using it.

I was noticing the old keyboard sometimes did not register the keypresses. This one has none of that.

It wil be a while before I discover how it integrates with the IPados. Ipados is a bit weird when it comes to editing text.

Working on this populous map editor with the new keyboard :

View on YouTube
Posted : Tuesday, 07 June 2022, 07:57
Shouldn't be "too" bad. iPadOS is really quite comfortable with external inputs, lately. The main issue is still the "It's so much more natural to prod the screen!" thing.

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