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Sun, 10 Dec 2023, 10:08
ChatGPT can be doing so well for a while, and then it is like you are in the middle of a Cheech & Chong movie with how weird it can get.
Mon, 04 Mar 2024, 09:33
Gpt4 got beaten with a wide margin today. Claude 3 has been released.

There is a demo on the site.


Claude 2 is available on Poe. Though limited. Hoping to see all three Claude 3 models there soon.
Mon, 04 Mar 2024, 09:43


They're all crap at that, though..

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Mon, 04 Mar 2024, 10:19
In coding it is 20% better than gpt4. 10% better than gemini advanced.

Gpt5 wil maybe follow soon. July a new code llama wil be released.

I hope this year it would be possible to just create small tool apps from descriptions. Making snake is a current benchmark. Having it create ms paint with a map editing feature. Or even "make a simple basic programming language" can not be that far into the future?
Mon, 04 Mar 2024, 11:34
Poe added 2 Claude 3 models.

Wil be testing the next couple of days.
Thu, 07 Mar 2024, 11:25
Claude 3 was fed this text file, then given the following prompt

I want to make a nice swirling background effect that I can use in my YouTube videos. Do you think you could create a sort of plasma effect or something that bloops and burps all over the screen, to keep things looking active. Make it for the JSE language, please.


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Thu, 07 Mar 2024, 14:07

I asked gpt4 a while ago to make me a spinning 3d cross. This using vanilla javascript math and lines. I asked for sinus lines for the cross lines.
It gave me a kind space opera wavy and 3d rotating effect. Which, did looked kind of cool.
Fri, 15 Mar 2024, 23:50
The haiku model from Claude 3 was added to Poe chat. It is a bit more expensive than chatGPT 3. But it should be better at several things, including coding.

Claude 3 Opus it's price per use was increased. Now at 2000 credits per request. So a max of 500 questions per month now with the 1.000.000 monthly credits.

Several other models were added to Poe too. One a specialized coding model.
Tue, 19 Mar 2024, 03:51
Been testing out the LLM's . It seems I might be able to create an entire voxel 'ala' Minecraft world. Without using a external layer like Three.js. Or even a complex system like that included with javascript. Though, it uses no 3d acceleration afaik since I use the regular 2d canvas.
It is fast though.

Claude Opus can create a 3d spinning box. And start manipulating this box. I added a grid to a single box face and turned it into a height map.
The box has a filled(transparent) surface using zbuffering.

Just keep asking for code and create an entire 3d vanilla game engine.

I imagine soon these bots could just create a Minecraft in a single prompt.

Tue, 19 Mar 2024, 09:10
Has anyone tried Groq, yet?

Alarmingly fast.. like.. BLAMMO fast...
Not sure it's as capable as the others, but .. Daaaaamn, it's fast..

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Tue, 19 Mar 2024, 10:23
It only has 3 models. It is fast.

I just noticed that in Poe. The Claude 3 Haiku is better at coding than GPT4. 67% vs 75.9% It should be fast too. Only 30 credits per use on this one. Compared to 2000 for opus and 350 for GPT4.
Fri, 22 Mar 2024, 04:29
I have been seeing multiple posts all hyped about Claude 3 Opus being a game changer for programming. Even the cheapest Claude 3 model - haiku - being superb, and preferred above GPT4.
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