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Socoder -> Hardware and Technology -> WordPad Removal

Sun, 03 Sep 2023, 03:02
Microsoft is removing WordPad from Windows Linkage
Sun, 03 Sep 2023, 03:02
Aw well. It's had its day, I guess. Time to free up al those kilobytes of space.

''Load, Next List!''
Sun, 03 Sep 2023, 03:15
That rich text format it used was kind of neat. I never really dove to deep into it.
Sun, 03 Sep 2023, 03:49
"Why give you a free document editor when we can sell you our other one for £60 per year forever!"

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Sun, 03 Sep 2023, 12:41
I used WordPad (and Write before that) a lot. It was also part of why I have always stuck with the RTF format for anything more advanced than simple text, as the RTF format works with anything and is extremely portable. I quit using WordPad once I discovered RoughDraft which is simply amazing and was the ultimate word processor for writing.

Last time I tried RoughDraft there were a few issues, but it was so long ago, I can't remember what the issues were. So, for advanced things, it was WordPad once again.

Now I mainly use Text Edit Plus. But, anything more advanced, I have still been using Wordpad.
Sun, 03 Sep 2023, 23:24
I use notepad++ for a lot. Great program.
Mon, 04 Sep 2023, 01:44
I'm sure you could probably just copy the executable from another version and run it that way, either way, yeah, prolly just profit driven, thank goodness for libre / open office.

Not that I use office programs much if at all tbh though, it's mainly programmers notepad and textpad for me, textpad mainly because of it's macro function and programmers notepad is just rather nice.

Will have a look into notepad++ though

|edit| 5 mins later, Ohhhh! Looks like it combines both those programs into one, smart! |edit|

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!
Mon, 04 Sep 2023, 02:13
Quoting myself from elsewhere on the board:

Jay mentioned Programmer's Notepad. Used to use it back in the day, went to install it for the first time in ages and it is not DPI aware and looks smudged and blurry on Windows 10. Notepad++, however is properly written and works flawlessly.

That said, for HTML editing, I bought HTMLPad and I am quite happy with it. Does what I want and more importantly, looks how I want -- meaning it is intuitive to me.

For major word processing tasks, I use this. I use a lot of their software and am very happy with it, and if you sign up for the newsletter they have awesome sales, and you can get what you want fairly cheap.
Mon, 04 Sep 2023, 21:49
As an aside there is an XML specific notepad that I've used a fair bit too.