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Wed, 03 Jul 2024, 15:34

Nintendo vs Hackers

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Nintendo's going super-hard on the hackers.

Might be a good idea to lay low if you're the sort of person who made a bunch of DS and 3DS Homebrew games..
*goes to lay low*

(5:15 in the vid)

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Wed, 03 Jul 2024, 16:15
Spotted that.


flash cart company = Please only use our product legally for your own private backup purposes and if your country allows it under their copyright laws.
customer = You know, you can mess with downloaded games that someone else backed up to make them work with this product.
popular youtubers = Big N are going to hate this <------ I think this might be what bothered them the most.
customer = I used downloaded games instead of doing it a legal way that the laws say I am allowed to and N stopped me using their services because they can tell I downloaded the games
Big N = flashcart company website taken down

website selling devices = we'll sell you a device loaded with games we already downloaded for you
Big N = Please don't do that
website selling devices = OK, I wont do that.
website selling devices = Continues doing that
Big N = OK were taking legal action because you said you'd stop and you didn't

My position = If the laws of your country say you can backup any software that you have bought and use those backups for person use, that *should* be fine. If your backed up games are not from your own collection using your own equipment, then the game company has every right to say "you aint using our services if you do that". Hence the question. If switch users have found out that every single game has a unique serial number and you purposefully use the serial from a different game to force it to run and you're stupid enough to do that, rather than using that product as intended... own fault.

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Wed, 03 Jul 2024, 16:34
I think it's probably best to stay away from this sort of thing for this generation.

I could "kinda" get the point of this, if it weren't for the fact that, with an SD card, you can already shove all your digital games onto the card, and be done with it.
Previously my argument would've been "For the Homebrew", but I've already written over 150 games in SmileBASIC which are all perfectly playable on the Switch, so that's that argument right out the window.
I honestly have no reasonable reasons to want something like that, specifically for the Switch.

*hold up hands*
I'm out!

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