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Created : 16 September 2009
Edited : 16 October 2009
System : Windows
Language : C/C++

Operation: Sourcecode

A platformer by me, Afr0!

Operation: Sourcecode installer with XNA and .NET
Operation Sourcecode standalone download
If you download and play this, please let me know if the game is too hard or too easy! Can you manage to get to the scoreboard screen?

This is a pre-release version of Operation Sourcecode. Some graphics (player, enemies) needs redoing, and I also need to tweak the difficulty a bit I think.
For those who don't know, this is my 2Bee Compo entry.

I'm also considering adding sound now that the deadline's been extended, but it depends when I get healthy again!!

This might not work on Vista yet - try running it in admin mode. Please let me know your results.

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Latest Update

V. 0.2 - New version that extracts videos to the APPDATA environment variable path instead. Should work better on Vista and Windows 7. Perhaps without admin mode?
Only standalone release for now. The installer still contains the old version.

V. 0.5 - New version with three new enemies added.

V. 0.9 - New version which contains a smaller font for the story screen and contains a 'Press Space to continiue' message for the same screen.
Also contains a new sprite for the player!!



Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 13:00
I ran it for the first time and the Afro Games thing came up and tehn nothing else happened.

Now, all I get is 'Operation:Sourcecode has encountered an error... bla bla bla do you want to send an error report' when I try and run the game. Also, there is no uninstall option in the 'All Programs' thing.
Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 14:15

This is weird. What OS are you using? If Win7 or Vista, run as administrator.
As for the uninstall option, it might be named 'MyGame' or something like that. I'm not sure. But I think it should be named 'Operation Sourcecode'.

Edit: Uhm... when the Afr0 Games intro is finished, you must press enter or backspace. Then you'll get to the storyscreen. Then you press Space when you've read the story.
This is written in the installer's license already!!

Edit: It's under the 'Readme' heading right under 'License'. Almost at the top!!
Thursday, 17 September 2009, 14:36
"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application."
Thursday, 17 September 2009, 18:41
Evil Roy Ferguso
XNA games ought to work on Vista and 7 without any finagling -- it runs on Windows 7 x64... but only once after it has has been extracted into a given directory. Subsequent runs fail. Extracting it to a new directory solves the problem again, but doing that every time you play it would be very irritating.

I don't believe the game is too easy or too difficult, but it is rather repetitive and the jumping physics feel very strange to me.
Thursday, 17 September 2009, 22:48
I don't believe the game is too easy or too difficult, but it is rather repetitive and the jumping physics feel very strange to me.

Thanks for the feedback!
I'm working on the technical issues. Did you (Evil Roy and blanko) run it as administrators? It probably would have worked then.
I'm trying to make sure you won't need to run as admin.
Friday, 18 September 2009, 17:18
Evil Roy Ferguso
Running as an administrator does not fix the "once per extraction" problem, but the game runs as a non-admin user for the one time it's used.

I have noticed another problem -- the game's executable continues to run after you have quit the game.
Saturday, 19 September 2009, 02:32
I hope that Windows 7 doesn't have the same problems, because I will be migrating from Windows XP when I get my next machine.

Your game's comming along nicely Afr0. Did you make your own level editor, or are you using TileStudio or something similar.

I'm working on a tile editor, and engine in XNA at the moment
Saturday, 19 September 2009, 06:21
Ah, yeah you gotta press Enter to get past the Afro Games screen. That seems a little pointless and unintuitive.. Perhaps a 'Press Enter to continue' message once the animation has finished?

I found it quite easy and, as Roy mentioned, a little repetitive. It doesn't really make me *want* to finish the second level.

I'm no good on the creativity front, so I'm afraid I can't suggest any little perks to give it that extra edge.

Oh and one more thing: it starts in windowed mode, and then I have to click the maximize button so parts of the text/level aren't chopped off. My monitor is at 1440*900.

(By the way I'm on XP).

|edit| Ah I found that read me. Again, where it is is not very intuitive. Is it possible to put it in the Operation Sourcecode's start menu thing? |edit|
Saturday, 19 September 2009, 07:03
Splash screens should transfer to the game automatically when complete, and where possible they should also be skippable.
Saturday, 19 September 2009, 07:46
Splash screens should transfer to the game automatically when complete, and where possible they should also be skippable.

It is skippable - you just have to press enter!

mole - I'm probably going to put in a 'Press enter to continiue' message.

steve: Thanks! I made my own level 'editor', though it's not really a proper editor because it generates levels randomly.

Evil Roy: Did you quit the game while in the middle of the 'Game Over' movie? Then the executable will continiue running in the background yes, because the movieplayer uses threads. I should probably look into this.
Saturday, 19 September 2009, 12:18
I said it should be skippable because a couple of triple A games do not make it skippable. You have to sit through their company logo animation everytime.

Once the animation is complete it should move on to the next phase automatically! It's something quite trivial yet very natural which you must add. It'll be far better then a 'press enter to continue' message.
Saturday, 19 September 2009, 15:52
Yeah, I agree with JL on this one..
Wednesday, 23 September 2009, 13:13
Added new version with three new enemies!
Friday, 16 October 2009, 14:24
New version added, again.
Friday, 16 October 2009, 14:52
Did you submit it to the compo?
Friday, 16 October 2009, 15:03
Yeah, I did, but I have no way of knowing if it was properly uploaded.
But it said 'Uploaded', so...
Friday, 16 October 2009, 15:37
Yeah, same here. No worries, carry on regardless!