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Created : 18 March 2007
Edited : 18 March 2007

Web Design Hacks

Firefox and IE finally work togother

If you ever design websites, you know that it's a pain to get them look the same in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Today I was about to become bald, when I found this little neat page. It shows lots of diffrent CSS hacks and how to use them, it saved my day. Maybe someone else will find it useful.



Sunday, 18 March 2007, 11:37
Cheers, I have bookmarked it for now but it should come in handy. I know what youre saying too, IE is a pain in the arse!
Monday, 19 March 2007, 03:57
Now I found another useful web development tool, browsers.evolt.org/?ie/32bit/standalone. You can download IE6 and use it at the same time as IE7. I now have one Firefox window, one IE7 window, and one IE6 window
Monday, 19 March 2007, 11:27
Very nice! Though I wish I had this before IE7 came out. IE6 is dead (thank god!) and everyone with a legit copy of windowsXP would have IE7 by now.

I find that IE7 does support the newer CSS spec so I rarely have the reason to use hacks anymore.
IE does tend to render some elements differently (= incorrectly) to firefox so I'd go with creating separate stylesheets for both.

Nice find overall.
Monday, 19 March 2007, 12:22
I'm sure that some people are still using IE6, but those are few.
Monday, 19 March 2007, 12:33
I'm still using IE6...
Monday, 19 March 2007, 13:53
Heh I agree, It's sad that many schools and colleges are still using that security flaw as a web browser and are still reluctant to upgrade! Do you think it's a financial issue?

@shroom_monk: lol I hope that wasn't a concious choice! You really need to update your windows, if you can...
Tuesday, 20 March 2007, 01:06
Nah, it wasn't a conscious choice... we're just using Windoze ME!!!
Wednesday, 21 March 2007, 18:30
Last year our school upgraded to XP, the computers can barely handle it.
Friday, 23 March 2007, 16:14
When writing a PHP site, I don't often resort to hacks.

I get PHP to check the user agent header for "IE", which should cover ever version of Internet Explorer, and if found, shove it a few extra bits of CSS.

I know that means that not every browser has everything done perfectly as I want, but it's all near enough

I was just wondering if anyone else used the PHP method, so that instead of hacks, fixes are given only when the browser needs it.