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Created : 22 November 2016
System : Mac

Current Direction

Blitzmax, Monkey, Monkey2, Games

I spend quite some hours working with Monkey 2. I encounted two bugs. On my two laptops I can currently only use 4 bits colors. And after intalling Emscripten I got a message in the first thing I compiled that there is a memory error.

BlitzMax is maybe going to be released on steam in the near future. I might start to learn how to use that. I will then start to maintain a github example reposit for it.

I noticed that there is a award site for Github where you can view your rank with the languages you use. I will keep adding/creating more code to my github reposits and see if I can level up

I spend quite some hours this year drawing. I still have not gotten a lot better. I still have trouble with shading/Lighting and shape ect.. Animation is something that I have not done this year at all. I would need to spend hundreds of hours to get better.

Game projects :
I still want to create a action rpg platformer. I am currently evaluating Monkey 2 to see if I will start to create code for this project. Monkey 2 is not finished yet so it might take months before it gets useable enough. But it might be useable already for larger projects. I have not figured out yet how to update monkey trough its github reposit.

Music :
I need to save enough money to buy a new faster ipad. I am looking at Ipad 4 and Ipad Pro. Currently I can only use 4 channels per song with gadget. On the pc I am getting better at using the piano roll editor. I found more good instruments. (Roland groove synth and rgc Square 1) I now have quality instruments for orchestral and electronic music styles.

Hardware :
My high end laptop is 3 years old. It still works but it is missing two keys. I am currently waiting until the next generation of low end nvidia video cards get released. Might take a few months. The 1050ti described to be as fast as the 970m.



Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 10:34
You don't need to wait for BMax to appear on Steam, just grab it from the BMax site. It's free! \o/yeay\o/

Someone recently suggested the iOS App "Caustic"... it.. works, I suppose.
But I'm too comfortable with KORG Gadget to change!!
Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 13:46
I had not noticed Caustic yet. I am watching video's of it now. Seems like it is useable. Black friday is in a couple of days. Standard it says it is 10 bucks. Not expensive at all.